Trailer of 'Indian 2' released, Kamal Haasan became famous as 'Senapati', fans said – this will be a blockbuster

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The trailer of Kamal Haasan's much-awaited film 'Indian 2' has been released, and believe me, it will blow your mind. Kamal Haasan's style and avatar are simply amazing. This is the sequel of the film 'Indian' released 28 years ago, which was awaited ever since its announcement. In 'Indian', Kamal Haasan played the role of a freedom fighter named Senapathi, who fights against corruption and in the sequel of the film, he has made a strong comeback in the same role.

Watch the trailer of Indian 2:

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What's in the trailer of 'Indian 2'?

The trailer of 'Indian 2' starts with a voice over, which describes the condition of the country. It says- what kind of a country is this. There is no work for educated people and if there is work, there is no salary. The thief will keep stealing and the criminal will also keep committing crimes. The condition of the country is also shown through this voice over. The trailer shows how the poor are becoming poorer, while the rich are becoming richer. Corruption is also increasing rapidly. In such a situation, the country wants to call 'Indian' again, who can save its people. Then Kamal Haasan returns in the role of 'Indian' i.e. commander. He confronts Siddharth and says that this is the second war of independence.

'Indian 2' will be released on July 12, here is the cast

The trailer of 'Indian 2' is really powerful. Kamal Haasan is seen fighting the second war of independence for the country and doing dangerous stunts. After watching the trailer, fans have gone crazy and are praising him. Fans claim that 'Indian 2' will explode at the box office and it will be a super blockbuster. 'Indian 2' is directed by S Shankar. Apart from Kamal Haasan and Siddharth, the film stars Rakul Preet Singh, Kajal Aggarwal, Priya Bhavani Shankar and Brahmanandam. After being postponed several times, this film will now be released on July 12.

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