Tom Cruise's daughter Suri removes father's surname, revealed at high school graduation ceremony!

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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' daughter Suri is once again in the headlines. Suri has now graduated from high school. This very cute 18-year-old girl graduated from LaGuardia High School on June 21. Interestingly, during this time she was seen with her mother Katie Holmes. While 'Top Gun' fame Tom Cruise was seen attending Taylor Swift's concert during this time. The biggest thing in this whole incident is that Suri had removed her father's surname 'Cruise' from her name. After the high school ceremony, Suri was seen on the streets of New York with her 45-year-old mother Katie Holmes and a friend. She was getting photographs taken there. Obviously, mother and daughter were very happy during this time. Katie wore pastel yellow pleated pants and shirt during this time

Suri with mother Katie Holmes (Photo: Social Media)

New name appears in graduation ceremony pamphlet

According to a report by 'Page Six', Suri has dropped her superstar father's surname 'Cruz' from her name. The report cites Suri's graduation ceremony pamphlet. It shows that she is now spelling her name as 'Suri Noel' and not 'Suri Cruise'.
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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got divorced in 2012

However, it is not clear why Suri has dropped her father's surname. Tom Cruise married actress Katie Holmes in 2006. The two dated for about a year before that. Interestingly, Suri was born in April 2006, while her parents got married in November after the birth of their daughter. However, the two got divorced in 2012.

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