Today's weather 7 July 2024: Be ready for rain! There will be rain in these states including Delhi, IMD forecast

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New Delhi : Along with rain in Delhi, people are also facing humidity. The weekend morning started with rain in some areas of the capital. However, when the sun came out in the afternoon, the humidity bothered people. People got drenched in sweat due to humidity. The maximum temperature in Delhi was recorded two degrees Celsius below normal. According to the India Meteorological Department, the maximum temperature was 34.7 degrees Celsius while the minimum temperature was 27.1 degrees Celsius. This is 0.8 degrees Celsius less than the average temperature of this season.

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What will the weather be like in the future?

There is a possibility of light rain in Delhi from July 7 to July 12. According to the Meteorological Department, Delhi will remain cloudy during this period. The maximum temperature can reach 37 degrees Celsius on July 11. The Meteorological Department says that heavy rain alert has been issued in Punjab, Haryana, Eastern Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Western Madhya Pradesh for the next few days. There is a heavy rain alert in Odisha till July 7, in Arunachal Pradesh till July 9, in Assam and Meghalaya on July 9 and 10.

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Light rain likely in Gurgaon

After two days of heavy rain, the monsoon has started to sulk. In the last three days, only some parts of the city have received light rain. Due to this, the humid heat has started to bother. The weather department is predicting rain till July 12. According to the weather department, the monsoon has started to weaken. Due to this, light to moderate rain may occur at some places in the city in the coming days. According to meteorologist Dr. Manjeet, the chances of rain have not decreased yet. There are signs of continuous rain till July 12, but there is a possibility of light rain on different days.

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Weather conditions in the rest of the country

Due to torrential rains in the eastern parts of India, the water level of various rivers has started rising at many places in Bihar. The flood situation in Assam remains serious. 24.5 lakh people of 30 districts are affected by floods here. Light to moderate rains have been recorded in many districts of Bihar since July 4. Rivers and streams are in spate due to continuous rains in some districts of the state. The water level in many dams has also increased due to increased flow of water. Apart from this, due to continuous rains in the catchment areas of Nepal, rivers are touching or flowing above the danger mark at many places. Heavy rains have occurred in many areas of Himachal Pradesh, including Dharamshala and Palampur in Kangra where more than 200 mm of rain was received.

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Compensation for rain during monsoon season

Due to heavy rains in many states for the last few days, the rains lost in this monsoon season were compensated on Saturday. Now, in the monsoon season that started in June, there has been one percent more rain across the country. For the first time in this season, the monsoon has reached surplus. According to the Meteorological Department, during the monsoon, from June 1 till now, 213.3 mm of normal rain has occurred across the country. Whereas, 214.9 mm of rain has occurred so far in this season.

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Meghalaya receives the highest rainfall

According to the Meteorological Department, Meghalaya has received the highest rainfall of 1248.4 mm, Goa has received 1167.7 mm rainfall. Apart from this, 845.1 mm rainfall has been recorded, Assam has received 600.3 mm, Tripura has received 605.0 mm, Andaman and Nicobar has received 629.6 mm rainfall. The states with the least rainfall are Ladakh where only 14.1 mm rainfall has occurred, Haryana has received 61.3 mm, Chandigarh has received 90.3 mm and Punjab has received 68.3 mm rainfall. According to the Meteorological Department, so far during the monsoon, six states have received less rainfall, 21 states have received normal rainfall, 5 states have received more than normal rainfall and 4 states have received much more than normal rainfall.

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