Today's latest news: PM Modi returned to Delhi after completing Russia-Austria tour, read 5 big news of 11th July morning

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Today's latest news, 5 big news of July 11: The weather in Delhi-NCR is pleasant. It is cloudy. It is raining in different areas. Meanwhile, Sunita Williams has given the first message from space. She said that she will return safely to Earth. PM Modi has returned to Delhi after completing his two-nation visit to Russia and Austria. Electricity distribution companies in Delhi have decided to increase the rates, which can be a big shock to consumers. Read the top 5 news.

PM Modi returned home after his visit to Russia-Austria
Prime Minister Narendra Modi returned to Delhi on Wednesday morning after completing his visit to Russia and Austria. During this visit, Prime Minister Modi held talks with the top leadership of both countries and discussed ways to enhance bilateral cooperation. During his visit, PM Modi first went to Russia, where he participated in the 22nd India-Russia summit with President Vladimir Putin. Prime Minister Modi was officially awarded the 'Order of St. Andrew the Apostle' award by Putin on Tuesday. PM Modi has been given this honor for his contribution in promoting bilateral relations between the two countries. After Russia, Modi visited Austria. He also addressed the people of the Indian community in both the countries.

Now Delhi will be shocked by the electricity bill, 9% increase in PPAC
Electricity distribution companies in Delhi have increased the Power Purchase Adjustment Charge (PPAC) by 8.75 percent. Due to this, the electricity bills of Delhiites will be higher and an increase of about 9 percent is certain. The increase of 8.75 percent in Power Purchase Adjustment Cost (PPAC) has led to an increase in electricity bills. Compared to last month, this month people's bills have increased by about 9 to 10 percent.

Sunita Williams' first message from space: We will return home safely
Sunita Williams has sent the first message from space. She has expressed confidence that she will return home safely. Astronaut Sunita Williams went to space via Boeing Starliner capsule. But after some malfunction in this spacecraft, she has been stuck in space for more than a month. Sunita Williams and Butch Wilmore have expressed confidence that despite the recent malfunction, Boeing's space capsule will take them safely to Earth.

Pleasant weather in Delhi-NCR, chances of rain today too
The weather has remained pleasant since the entry of monsoon in Delhi-NCR. Rain has also been seen in different areas. It has been raining in some areas of Delhi for two days. Due to which people have got some relief from the heat. According to the Meteorological Department, the sky will be cloudy on July 11, due to which it may rain at some places. Today, light rain can be seen in some areas of Delhi.

Rivers in spate in UP, 12 districts in the grip of floodAfter the rain in UP, flood-like conditions have arisen in many areas. There are flood conditions in 12 districts. 633 villages have been affected by this. Among these, 64 villages have been cut off from communication. 30,623 hectares of agricultural land is affected by waterlogging. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath conducted aerial and ground inspection of flood-affected areas of Pilibhit and Lakhimpur Kheri districts. The CM said that thousands of hectares of crops have been affected and public representatives and local administration are fully engaged in flood prevention.

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