'Those who took a pledge to worship Lord Ram are in power for the third time', Indresh Kumar's clarification on his arrogant statement

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi : Muslim Rashtriya Manch founder and senior RSS leader Indresh Kumar has now clarified after his statement on the results of the Lok Sabha elections became controversial. He said that the truth of the moment is that those who had pledged to worship Lord Ram are in power for the third time, those who opposed are out of power and the people of the country have full faith in Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Talking to news agency IANS, senior RSS functionary Indresh Kumar said that the country is moving forward at a fast pace every minute, every hour, every day and time never stops or waits, it always keeps moving forward. The truth of the moment is that those who opposed Ram and said that now Ram bhakts will not come to power, they are all out of power at this time, so they are trying to create various kinds of doubts by building castles in the air.

Indresh Kumar further said that the truth of this time is that those who worship Lord Ram are in power for the third time, today there is a BJP-led NDA government under the leadership of Narendra Modi. The Modi-led NDA government is capable of taking the country forward at a fast pace in the coming days. Praising the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, the Sangh leader said that every citizen of the country believes that the country will move forward rapidly under his leadership and he himself also wants that this faith of the people keeps increasing like this.

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In response to a question about the attacks being made on BJP and RSS by opposition leaders on his statement, he said that no one can stop anyone from drawing any conclusion. They should not spoil the atmosphere of the society by building castles in the air.

Earlier, Indresh Kumar had targeted BJP without naming it for not getting the expected results in the Lok Sabha elections and said that the party which worships Lord Ram has become arrogant and hence got reduced to 241. Their arrogance was shattered in this election.

He had said that these people had worshipped Lord Ram, but gradually they became arrogant. Today Lord Ram has shattered their arrogance. These people could not give commendable results in this election. Perhaps now they must have realized the power of democracy. Although BJP could become the largest party in the country only due to the grace of Lord Ram, but despite this these people could not understand the grace of Lord Ram. Perhaps that is why the power that BJP should have got in this election was stopped by Lord Ram due to arrogance.

He said that it is surprising that Lord Ram's opponents were able to perform well in this election. Of course they could not come at number one, but they were able to strengthen their position by performing better at number two. Therefore, we all should understand one thing that God's justice is not strange, but a great truth. God's play is infinite, which the human mind cannot understand.

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