This was my last match… Rohit Sharma retires from T20I after winning the World Cup

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Bridgetown. After winning the T20 World Cup, Indian captain Rohit Sharma, like Virat Kohli, said goodbye to T20 international cricket and said that this is the right time to retire. Kohli also said goodbye to this format after the seven-run victory in the final against South Africa.

Rohit said in the post-match press conference, “This was also my last match. This is the perfect time to say goodbye. I wanted to win the title at any cost. I can't describe it in words.” He said, “This is what I wanted and it happened. I was desperate for this in my life. I am happy that we could win this time.”

Rohit was also the captain in the 2022 T20 World Cup, when India lost to England in the semi-finals. A year later, in the 50-over World Cup, the Indian team captained by Rohit lost to Australia in the final.

King Kohli said goodbye to T20 international cricket
Before Rohit Sharma, star batsman Virat Kohli had also said goodbye to T20 international cricket after playing the role of mastermind in getting India its second T20 World Cup, saying that now the time has come for the new generation to take over the reins.

Kohli scored 76 runs in 59 balls with the help of two sixes and six fours and was the 'Player of the Match' in the seven-run victory over South Africa in the final. After receiving the award, he said that this was his last T20 international match.

He said, “This is my last T20 World Cup. We wanted to win it. It is a great game. When we went out to bat, I was telling Rohit that one day you will feel that you are not able to score runs and it happens. God is great. ” He said, “I bow my head in gratitude. I am grateful that on the day when it was most important, I could contribute to the team.”

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