This thing will remove the blockage of the heart without surgery, it works like a stent, all the blocked veins will open

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This thing will remove the blockage of the heart without surgery, it works like a stent, all the blocked veins will open

Blood circulation reduces due to heart blockage. When the vein gets completely blocked, a heart attack occurs. After this, a heart stent is inserted through surgery. This stent keeps the veins open but after this, one has to take great care of food habits and heavy work. But if you consume things that open the blocked veins in time, then you can avoid this problem.

Symptoms of blockage in veins: Blockage of arteries due to LDL cholesterol has become common. This is called clogged coronary artery. This can cause chest pain which can also be felt in the neck, jaw, arms, waist; sweating, shortness of breath, dizziness, fainting. If you feel even mild such problems, then eat things that open the veins.

How to open heart blockage without surgery?

If blockage has started in your veins then it can be reduced with Ayurvedic medicines. Vikaspedia According to reports, guggul helps open the heart veins by reducing cholesterol. It is said to control atherosclerosis and hyperlipidemia.

Guggul is a medicine to reduce cholesterol

According to Vikaspedia, guggul can be used as a medicine. But first make sure whether this medicine is pure or not. Its dosage can be divided into 12-16 grams throughout the day. This medicine has to be taken with lukewarm water for 3 months.

How to detect a blockage in the heart?

benefits of using garlic

benefits of using garlic

Garlic can also be used to remove blockage in the veins. It is a food item that works like a medicine. Using it in food reduces the risk of plaque formation. It also improves the functioning of the heart.

Benefits of pomegranate

Benefits of pomegranate

This fruit is very beneficial for the heart. It increases blood and improves the functioning of the heart. According to Vikaspedia, this is a fruit that prevents heart diseases. Its consumption also provides other benefits.

Avoid these things

Avoid these things
  • Hot, oily, spicy foods
  • consume the opposite diet
  • exercising too much or too little
  • feeling extremely stressed, scared, or angry
  • To be very hungry
  • overeating or eating at irregular times
  • Tobacco, alcohol consumption
  • Chest injury

Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot in any way be a substitute for any medicine or treatment. Always contact your doctor for more information.

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