This month 62 crore people in India faced severe heat, which is the highest in the world

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New Delhi: This year in the month of June, many states across the country experienced severe heat. In mid-June, about 62 crore people in India had to face heat wave. The heat increased further due to climate change. According to a report, India ranked first in the world in terms of the number of people affected by severe heat in the month of June. It was followed by China, Indonesia and Nigeria. This report on heat has been released by Climate Central, an organization that researches climate change.Hottest Summers in India
According to this report, India experienced severe heat from June 16 to June 24. The temperature reached 50 degrees in some areas. The minimum temperature of the day as well as night was also recorded at 37 degrees. Due to the severe heat, more than 40 thousand cases of heatstroke were reported across the country and more than 100 people died. North-West India was the most affected by the severe heat. Especially in Rajasthan, Delhi, Haryana, UP and Bihar, the heat troubled the most people. Cases of heat stress also increased due to heat wave during June in these areas. Doctors also found that workers who never had problems of high blood pressure, sugar or cholesterol before, also suddenly got heat stroke while working.

Five billion people around the world are affected by heat
Nearly 5 billion people worldwide were affected by extreme heat in June. More than 4.97 billion people worldwide faced extreme heat during the same period, which is more than 60% of the world's population. Andrew Pershing, director of climate science at Climate Central, said that burning coal, oil and natural gas for more than a century has made our environment increasingly dangerous.

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The situation is bad in these countries too
The number of people affected by the extreme heat in June was very high worldwide. 579 million people were affected in China, where temperatures reached 50 degrees Celsius. 231 million people in Indonesia were experiencing extreme heat, while 206 million were affected in Nigeria. Other countries severely affected included Brazil (176 million), Bangladesh (171 million) and the United States (165 million). The heat wave also affected the Copa América football tournament.

Severe heat in America and Canada too
The scorching heat and humidity caused a referee to faint during a match between Peru and Canada in Kansas City, USA. The temperature was 38 degrees Celsius and the humidity level was over 50%. Meanwhile, at least 1,300 pilgrims died due to extreme heat during the Haj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia, where temperatures reached 52 degrees Celsius. The historic site Akrapolis in Athens, Greece had to be closed due to temperatures exceeding 43 degrees Celsius. Six tourists died due to the scorching heat.

Know where and how many people are affected by the scorching heat

  • 61.9 crore people in India
  • 57.9 crore people in China
  • There are 231 million people in Indonesia.
  • There are 206 million people in Nigeria.
  • There are 176 million people in Brazil.
  • There are 171 million people in Bangladesh.
  • 165 million people in the US
  • 152 million people in Europe (excluding Russia)
  • There are 123 million people in Mexico.
  • There are 121 million people in Ethiopia.
  • There are 103 million people in Egypt.

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