This is how Shraddha Kapoor confirmed her relationship, gave a wonderful idea to make love official

Ananya Shroff
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Shraddha confirmed her love

Many hearts beat for Shraddha Kapoor and she is the crush of many boys, but the heart of this girl who increases the heartbeats of her fans also beats for someone. Confirming her love, Shraddha shared a very cute story on her Instagram, in which there was a picture of her with her boyfriend Rahul Modi and a caption was written on it 'Dil Rakh Le, Neend To Wapas Kar De Yaar' on which there was a laughing emoji along with a heart.

When to make the relationship official?

If you have been with your partner for a long time and you were living in a private relationship till now, then now the time has come for you to confess this in front of everyone. If you and your partner are at a good stage in life, ready to spend the rest of your lives with each other and move forward, then only tell everyone about this.

Make your love official in this style

Make your love official in this style

If you were secretly in love till now but are now thinking of making your relationship official, then you can adopt these methods. Before this, it is important to pay attention to some important things. Like-

  • Do not tell everyone directly at once because those people who are special to you or consider you an important part of their life may feel a little bad that why you did not tell them this earlier.
  • Share your relationship updates with your closest friends first.
  • After this, tell those family members who support you and who will be happy to hear about your relationship. And then gradually tell others as well.
  • If you want, like Shraddha, you can give information to common friends and relatives by posting a post or story on social media.

When to keep your relationship private

When to keep your relationship private

Sometimes it becomes necessary to keep your relationship hidden from people. You must have heard many such news in which couples who have been together for many years have broken up. In such a situation, keep your relationship private until both of you are sure about your relationship. If both of you have not spent much time together or someone has doubts about the relationship, then discuss it and make the relationship official only after everything is fine.

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