This is how Deepika Padukone is taking care of herself during pregnancy, Ranveer Singh said this on this picture of his wife

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Actress Deepika Padukone of the film 'Kalki 2398 AD' is going to become a mother in September this year. Deepika is on maternity leave these days and is enjoying her pregnancy a lot. She is taking full care of herself and the child's health. Meanwhile, Deepika has shared a glimpse of her workout, in which she has also talked about taking care of herself during pregnancy.

Deepika has shared a picture of herself celebrating 'Self Care Month' in which she is seen doing yoga with both legs up against the wall. In this post, she has also told the benefits of this yoga and told that it provides relief from lower back pain. Ranveer Singh is the first to comment on this post of Deepika. Ranveer has written – this works like magic.

Users said- Maam does not type so much

People have commented a lot on social media after seeing Deepika in this position. One has said- don't write so much ma'am. At the same time people have written- Gorgeous Deepika, eagerly waiting to see the baby, wishing you good health. At the same time many people have written that you are going to be a good mother.

Deepika on a movie date with Ranveer

Let us tell you that recently Deepika Padukone was seen at the premiere of 'Kalki 2398 AD', where there was a flood of people expressing concern about her high heels during pregnancy. Last night Deepika was seen going on a movie date with Ranveer. After watching the film, the paparazzi present outside asked Ranveer how he liked the film, to which Ranveer replied in gestures – 'Shaandaar'. The paparazzi were constantly calling Deepika as Sumati ji.

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