This girl is so beautiful that she is unable to find a boy, she said 'Everyone runs away after seeing my beauty'

Ananya Shroff
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This girl is so beautiful that she is unable to find a boy, she said 'Everyone runs away after seeing my beauty'

Our society has set different standards for beauty and it is important for everyone to live up to them. When relationships are fixed, this aspect is also given special attention. On one hand there is this tussle over beauty, on the other hand there is a girl who has not been able to find a life partner despite being beautiful. And the reason for her being single is that she is too beautiful.
This shocking incident has come to light from Texas, America, where a TikTok star and fashion stylist Ashley has shared her entire sorrow on social media, calling herself 'single'.

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In a statement that has gone viral, Ashley said that men are “intimidated” by her beauty, wit and brains, which is why she isn't in a relationship.

People are surprised that I'm single

Whenever Ashley tells anyone that she does not have a boyfriend and that she has been single for a long time, people get shocked. She said that for the last eight months she has not had any romantic relationship with anyone nor has she come close to anyone.

She believes that her beauty is the only hurdle in her way. She says that her natural looks and success scares men because guys like easy relationships.

However, Ashley also said that some men show interest in her, but they are either already in a relationship or Ashley does not like them. In a video, she also said that her beauty seems like a fairy tale to boys, due to which they are afraid to get too close.

People gave this reaction

People have given different reactions to this whole matter. Many people believe that his looks, mind and success are having a negative impact on his love life.

One comment on her video read, “It's hard to be both beautiful and smart”, while another wrote, “Men are often irritated by the same qualities that initially attract them”.

There were some people who said that Ashley is full of ego and cited this as the reason for her being single.

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