This actor was the first to congratulate Kangana on her victory, said- you proved it every time

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Kangana Ranaut has played a brilliant first innings in politics. Kangana, who was the BJP candidate from Mandi in Himachal Pradesh in the Lok Sabha elections 2024, has won by a huge margin. Kangana has won a spectacular victory in Mandi by defeating former Congress Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh and Vikramaditya Singh, son of the current MP. Kangana has hoisted the flag of BJP by defeating Vikramaditya by 74755 votes. With this victory, while there is an atmosphere of celebration everywhere in Mandi, Kangana has started receiving congratulations from Bollywood stars.

Kangana, who has differences with most people in the film industry, received her first congratulations from actor Anupam Kher. Anupam Kher and Kangana have always had a good bonding.

Anupam Kher said- you have proved it every time

Congratulating Kangana, the actor wrote, 'Dear Kangana, congratulations on your great victory, you are a rockstar. Your journey has been very inspiring. I am very happy for you, the people of Mandi and Himachal Pradesh. You have proved every time that if you focus and work hard, anything can happen. Jai Ho.'

People are also congratulating Kangana on Anupam Kher's post.

People have commented a lot on this post of Anupam and are congratulating him. Some people have even called him the real queen. Some said – now the whole country will want to see your work.

Mahima Chaudhary also congratulated Kangana

Apart from this, 'Emergency' actress Mahima Chaudhary also congratulated Kangana and said, 'Congratulations, now I will meet you in Parliament.'
Kangana Ranaut is extremely happy with her magnificent victory and she said, 'I am heartily grateful to all the people of Mandi for this support, this love and trust, this victory is of all of you, this is the victory of faith in Prime Minister Modi Ji and BJP, this is the victory of Sanatan, this is the victory of the honour of Mandi.'

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