There will be no need for surgery, do these 5 exercises at home, you will get a toned butt like Nora Fatehi in 1 month

Ananya Shroff
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Both big and flat butts spoil your beauty. If the butts are heavy then your daily life can also be affected. Therefore, for body fitness, it is important to have balance in every part of the body.

Often people resort to surgery to lift a flat butt and reduce the fat accumulated in the butt. But, you can do exercises for a toned and shaped butt. Here we are telling about such exercises, which can help you to build and tone the glutes by increasing muscle strength.


To do this exercise, stand with space between both feet. Now make a sitting posture. Push the hips back and take the thighs parallel to the ground. After doing this, stop and stand in the same position as before. You can do squats 10-10 times in 3 sets.

one leg bridge exercise

One leg bridge exercise reduces fat on your hips and tones them. For this, lie down on your back on the floor. Now bend your legs at 90 degrees and make a bridge shape. Place a two to five pound dumbbell on your left thigh and lift that leg straight up.

Mini Band Knee Opener

Mini Band Knee Opener

This exercise strengthens your outer buttocks and thighs. To do it, place a small resistance band on your knees. Lie on your right side, bend your knees backward and bring your feet together. Make sure your body rests on your right elbow. Repeat 20 times.



By doing this exercise, the gluteus and calf muscles get engaged. For this, come into a sitting position. Bring the right leg forward and lunge with the left leg. When you join the right leg, the left leg will also bend forward. After bending the right leg, bring the right foot back from where it was placed. Repeat this entire process with the left leg as well.

Hip lift on the ball

Hip lift on the ball

Hip lifts activate your glutes, lower back, and abs. To do this, lie down on your back. Place your heels on the ball. Now keep your hands down in a relaxed position. Lift your hips up by applying pressure on your hands and then bring them down and place your heels on the ball.

Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot in any way be a substitute for any medicine or treatment. Always consult your doctor for more information.

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