There will be an explosion in the star, you don't even need a telescope to see it, this event happens once in 80 years

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: Astronomers around the world are currently keeping an eye on T Corona Borealis. Star lovers are also keeping an eye on this place. Actually, there is a possibility of a small white star exploding here. According to NASA, the time of the nova explosion that happens after several decades is now near. According to NASA's estimate, this event can happen in mid-September. The interesting thing is that humans will be able to see this event with their own eyes. No expensive telescope will be required to see it.

Such an explosion occurs once in 80 years

According to scientists, such an explosion occurs only once in 80 years. The last time it happened was in 1946. According to Professor TV Venkateswaran of IISER Mohali and the Astronomical Society of India, this is a kind of double star. In which there is a small star and a big star. The small star keeps taking matter from the big star. Due to which the pressure in the small star increases and at one time it explodes due to dual forces. It has to be understood like this that you fill a vessel with water and keep heating it. After a while, water will start coming out due to the pressure of steam. According to scientists, this time there is a high possibility that T Corona Borsil is getting ready for an explosion. According to experts, its brightness increases ten thousand times at the time of explosion.

Scientists are eagerly waiting

Ajay Tomar, vice president of Amateur Astronomers Association Delhi, said that scientists are eagerly waiting for this event. If this explosion happens in September, then we will know a lot about the changes that take place before the explosion and the entire process.

The star can be seen after the explosion

He told that the star which is going to explode is not visible to the naked eye. But after the explosion, another star will be added which can be seen for about a month. After this, it will disappear again. But if people see it at that time, they will not be able to understand. It will be visible between 7 and 8 in the evening. It can be seen from all over India. Ajay Tomar told that this has happened with this star in 1866. After this, it happened in 1946 as well. Now 80 years have passed. On this basis, it is being claimed that this explosion can happen in September.

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