There were two such occasions in the House when PM Modi stood up from his seat and made a big statement while taking a dig at Rahul

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New Delhi: Congress MP Rahul Gandhi attacked PM Modi and the government in his speech in the Lok Sabha today. During the speech, there were many occasions when Rahul's statements became controversial. During this, Prime Minister Modi also stood up from his seat twice. Rahul said that those who call themselves Hindus keep speaking violence, violence, hatred, hatred, lies, lies day and night. As soon as he said this, there was an uproar in the House. BJP leaders strongly objected to this. Rahul did not stop here, he also told the reason for BJP's defeat in Ayodhya. He said that Modi ji has kept the people of Ayodhya scared.Modi got up from his seat after making objectionable remarks on Hindus
Rahul Gandhi, while speaking in the Parliament, said that there are three fundamental ideas in the history of India. Modi ji said in his speech that India has never attacked anyone. One reason for this is that this country is a country of non-violence. This country is not a country to be afraid. That is why all our great men have talked about non-violence. Do not be afraid, do not scare others. And on the other hand, Shiv ji says do not be afraid, do not scare others. He talks about non-violence. And those who call themselves Hindus, they say violence, violence, hatred, hatred, untruth, untruth, untruth day and night. You are not a Hindu at all. It is clearly written in Hinduism that one should stand with the truth. One should not step back from the truth.

Modi said- this arrow has hit the heart
To answer the idea of ​​Hindus and India, Modi himself stood up from his seat in the House. Modi turned towards Rahul and said that
Rahul Gandhi said that he is shouting because an arrow has hit his heart. This issue is very serious. Calling the entire Hindu society violent is a serious issue. Later, Home Minister Amit Shah stood up and asked Rahul Gandhi to apologize. He said that Rahul Gandhi should apologize to the entire country for his statement.

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Modi Ji also scares BJP people, PM replied
Rahul Gandhi said in his speech that Rajnath Singh went out and greeted me. Modi Ji is sitting here, he is not smiling, he is serious, he is not even greeting me, if Modi Ji sees him, there will be trouble. But he is sitting here and is silent. The same is the story of Gadkari. Forget about the people of Ayodhya, he even scares the BJP people.

This time too PM Modi stood up from his seat and said that democracy and the Constitution have taught me that I should take the opposition leader seriously. The ruling party also started laughing at this sarcasm. After saying this, the PM sat down again.

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