There is no smell in sweat, then where does the smell come from? You should also know interesting facts

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Many times, sweat starts smelling due to medical conditions.
To get rid of the smell of sweat, one should bathe with soap daily.

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Tips To Get Rid of Body Odor: The smell of sweat bothers people a lot. When someone's sweat smells bad, he has to use various types of body sprays and perfumes to hide it. In the summer season, people sweat a lot and the sweat of many people has a very strong smell. Do you know that our sweat does not have any kind of smell or fragrance? Yes, there is no smell of any kind in our sweat, but despite this people have to face the bad smell. When sweat has no smell, then why does it smell?

of harvard health Report According to this, two glands, eccrine and apocrine, are responsible for sweating in our body. When our body starts heating up, these glands release fluid on the skin, which is called sweat. Sweating is necessary to maintain body temperature. These glands are present all over your body, due to which every body part starts sweating. There is no smell in sweat, but when the bacteria in your body come in contact with the sweat secreted from the apocrine glands, then the sweat starts smelling. That means the bacteria in the body are the cause of bad smell in sweat.

Now the question arises that why the sweat of some people smells more, while the sweat of many people smells less? On this, experts say that people who sweat more than normal may have hyperhidrosis condition. This condition can arise without any reason and can be treated. Due to this condition, many people sweat excessively and their sweat starts smelling. Due to some kind of infection, hyperthyroidism, stress, some medicines and alcohol consumption, you may sweat more than normal, which has a foul smell.

Many food and drink items also affect the smell of our body. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower produce gas. This can cause body odor. Apart from this, due to the breakdown of garlic and onion in the body, compounds like sulfur are released which come out through your pores. Because of this your sweat starts to smell bad. Apart from this, consuming fish and other seafood can also cause bad smell in your body. You can also improve the smell of your body by avoiding these things.

Finally the question is, what is the way to get rid of the smell of sweat? To avoid this problem, bathe with soap daily. You can use deodorizing soap while bathing. You can avoid the smell of sweat by saving armpits and other parts. With the help of some deodorant, you can stop body smell for a few hours and improve your personality. Apart from this, you can also take shower after gym or other physical activities. With this you can get relief from the smell of sweat to a great extent.

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