The wife of the singer who took 83 crores from Ambani is pregnant these days, shared cute pictures

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The wife of the singer who took 83 crores from Ambani is pregnant these days, shared cute pictures

Justin Bieber is such a name in the Hollywood pop industry that he is famous all over the world. Be it the song 'Baby' or 'Peaches', this singer has made millions of fans from a very young age till now. This is the reason why the tickets of his concerts get sold out very quickly.

Now if such a star comes to perform at Ambani's place, then it is bound to create a stir. And this is what happened. However, there was more discussion because according to reports, Justin had charged a hefty fee of Rs 83 crore from the billionaire family for a few hours of performance.

Now how much truth is there in this and how much lie, it may never be revealed. But one thing is true that this singer who charges a hefty fee is very stylish. But his pregnant wife Hailey Bieber is even more stylish than him.

Model and actress Mrs. Bieber carries clothes ranging from modest to bold cuts in such a way that everyone becomes her fan. Here we have brought a collection of such pictures, after seeing which you too will become a fan of Justin's talented wife. (All pictures: Instagram@justinbieber,
(Hailey Bieber)

Social accounts are full of sizzling photos

When you look at Hailey's social account, you will find that it is full of sizzling pictures of this model. Not only the bold cut clothes but also Mrs. Bieber's killer sexy style is largely responsible for giving her a hot touch.

Flaunted baby bump in butterfly top

In this picture, Hailey can be seen wearing a low-cut and backless butterfly top. She has paired this pink upper with a denim bottom.

In this look, the model was seen completely flaunting her baby bump. Hailey's pictures went viral.

Growing belly visible in photoshoot

Growing belly visible in photoshoot

As the pregnancy progressed, Hailey's belly also started to grow. The way she showed off her belly in everything from casual to luxurious black outfits was truly amazing.

Justin Bieber performed at Ambani's house

Beautiful avatar seen during modeling job

Beautiful avatar seen during modeling job

Hailey owns her own beauty brand and is also a model. As such, she is often seen taking part in modeling assignments.

In the photoshoot done for this, she gives such beautiful expressions while posing in such a way that it is clearly visible how strong she is in modeling. This picture is also a clear example of this.

She also gives a beautiful look

She also gives a beautiful look

Not just the bold or casual avatars, this beauty also styles and carries elegant outfits in a way that can give anyone amazing fashion goals.

In this picture you can see her in a shimmery black bodycon dress and a gold toned stretchable fitted outfit. The class and elegance with which she has carried both can be clearly understood from the picture itself.

Justin charged a hefty fee for singing in Anant-Radhika's sangeet

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