The whole world is crazy about the way Shahrukh Khan raises his children, you can also take tips from him

Ananya Shroff
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The whole world is crazy about the way Shahrukh Khan raises his children, you can also take tips from him

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stay friends

Shahrukh treats his children like friends. He believes that instead of being strict with children, the relationship of love and friendship is stronger. He talks openly to his children and listens to everything they say. This gives children the courage to face any difficulty and they are able to talk openly to their parents.

Give freedom to make decisions

The actors give their children the freedom to make their own decisions. They believe that this gives confidence to children and gives them the ability to choose the right path in life. Of course, they provide guidance when needed but they give their children the right to make decisions. You should also let your child make some decisions of his life according to his age.

They are also protective

Even though Shahrukh gives freedom to his children, it does not mean that he is not protective of them. He protects them from going on the wrong path and takes full care of their safety. Your child should also know that you will always be there to show him the right path or support him in difficult times.

Relationships are based on love, not on transactions

Shah Rukh believes that the relationship between parents and children should not be based on transactions but on love and respect. He teaches his children that love and respect are the foundation of any relationship. You should also teach the same to your children.

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Spend time with children

The actor tries his best to spend time with his kids despite his busy schedule. He believes that time spent with children plays an important role in their upbringing. No matter how busy you are, you must take out some time from your day for your child.

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