The stains of IPC section '420' will be washed away, now '316' will be 'infamous' for fraud

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi : From July 1, three new laws will be implemented in the country. Along with this, the popular legends of IPC in common parlance will also change. For example, on hearing the name '420', everyone, young or old, understood its meaning. Many films and stories related to 420 will also become a thing of the past. Comments like 'I am getting four hundred BC' will now become old. Because now instead of IPC 420, there will be BNS 316. That means now you will be able to say that he has made it 'three hundred sixteen'. That means the stains of IPC 420, which has been tainted for dishonesty since the British era, will be washed away, now BNS '316' will become 'infamous' for fraud.

Three new laws will come into force from July 1

The new law provides protection to doctors from harsh punishment. For example, BNS 106 (1) states that a registered doctor (RMP) will be punished with imprisonment up to two years and fine for medical negligence. It states that the BNS provides for lesser punishment for doctors who cause death due to haste or negligence while performing any medical procedure. Along with this, according to Section 51 (1) of the BNS, the doctor has to send the examination report of the accused to the IO without any delay. The registered doctor has to send the report of the medical examination of the rape victim to the investigating officer within seven days.

The laws made by the British will become 'past' after some days, know what will change with the introduction of the new criminal law

IPC will now become history

Not only this, now there will be a big change in police custody as well. Now under BNSA i.e. 'Indian Civil Security Code', the time limit of police custody has been increased from 15 days depending on the nature of the crime. According to retired ACP Rajendra Singh of Delhi Police, this means that in serious cases where there is a provision of more than 10 years of punishment, the charge sheet has to be filed within 90 days, in such a case, 15 days of police custody can be taken anytime within 60 days.

New criminal law: Now you can register FIR in any police station, from July 1, common man will become 'powerful'; know everything

Know what will change in the new law

In cases where the sentence is less than 10 years, a charge sheet will have to be filed within 60 days. In such cases, police custody can be taken for 15 days anytime within 45 days. This custody can also be taken in parts. Along with this, the hearing from FIR to court verdict will be completely online. FIR will have to be registered within three days of filing the online complaint. Forensic investigation has been made mandatory in all crimes with a sentence of more than seven years.

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