The person with whom he made the most successful pair was also trolled, Gambhir 4.0 has begun

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Gautam Gambhir has been made the new head coach of the Indian cricket team.Gambhir was made the head coach following his impressive performance in the IPL.He will replace Rahul Dravid in Team India.

New Delhi, Gautam Gambhir's 4.0 era is about to begin. BCCI Secretary Jay Shah on Tuesday formally announced Gambhir as the head coach of Team India. Gambhir has proved himself first as a player, then as a politician and as a coach in the IPL. Now once again he is going to join Team India. This time Gambhir will be seen playing an important role in this team not as a player but as a coach. Gambhir, who has been an opening batsman, has been very vocal about his views.

He has often opposed the praise of only Mahendra Singh Dhoni for winning the World Cup 2011. On many occasions, he has said that a captain alone cannot win the World Cup. Many players together play an important role in winning a tournament. Not only this, once Gambhir did not miss the opportunity to troll his teammate Virender Sehwag in Team India. Actually, a TV advertisement of Virender Sehwag with World Cup winning captain Kapil Dev was in the news. In this advertisement, both the legends were seen selling paan masala. Gambhir openly opposed the advertisement of paan masala by cricketers.

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India's most successful Test pair…
Virender Sehwag along with Gautam Gambhir opened the innings for Team India in ODIs and Tests for a long time. Even today, this pair is India's best pair in terms of runs in Test cricket. Between 2004 and 2012, both of them opened in a total of 87 innings. During this time, both of them together scored 4,412 runs at an average of 52. During this time, both of them made 11 century and 25 half-century partnerships.

Challenge for Gambhir as coach…
After getting the responsibility of Team India as coach, Gautam Gambhir's first challenge is the Champions Trophy to be held in Pakistan next year. Then he will not only have to take Team India to the final of the World Test Championship, but also win the World Cup in the biggest format of the game for the first time. Everyone is aware of the competition between Gambhir and Virat Kohli in the IPL. Both have been very mature players. Both will try to move beyond the past and take Team India forward. At the same time, Gambhir will have the challenge of preparing a new young team in the T20 format.

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