The loving couple polluted the society…MLA got into trouble because of his statement, now TMC took action

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The TMC MLA had given a controversial statement regarding a couple.The couple was allegedly beaten up by the MLA's supporters. Now action has been taken in this matter by TMC.

New Delhi. West Bengal TMC MLA Hamidul Rehman's troubles seem to be increasing. He recently made an objectionable comment about a couple in love. When the MLA's video went viral in this matter, there was an uproar. Now the party has issued a notice in this matter and sought a reply from the MLA. He has been asked why he made such a comment about the couple in love.

The TMC on Tuesday issued a show-cause notice to party MLA from Chopra assembly constituency Hamidul Rehman for making a statement in support of the public beating of a couple in the state. The video of the incident, which took place in North Dinajpur district last week, went public. In the said video, a man was seen beating the couple in public.

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MLA's close aide beats up the couple!
A senior TMC leader said, “The party has issued a show-cause notice to Rehman for his remarks and has sought an explanation from him. The party in no way supports the incident or the comments made by him.” The man seen in the video beating the couple with a stick has been identified as Tajamul alias 'JCB'. Tajamul is a TMC leader and reportedly a close associate of Rehman.

'They were polluting society'
Reacting to the incident, Rehman had said on Monday, “The couple was allegedly involved in an illicit relationship, due to which they were beaten up. They were polluting the society with their activities.” He had said, “It was the woman's fault to indulge in an illicit relationship despite having a son and a husband. Is this not a crime? Is this not an immoral act?”

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