The doctor said- 'If you eat these 2 fruits after C-section, you will cry due to acidity and gas'

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Women have to take special care of their diet during the nine months of pregnancy. Whatever they eat during this period has a direct impact on the baby. Women have to take care of their diet not only during pregnancy but also after delivery. After delivery, their body becomes very weak and many physical changes also take place during this period.

It is often recommended to eat fruits to give strength to the body after delivery, but gynecologist Dr. Ankita Bansal says that two specific types of fruits should not be fed to women immediately after delivery. Let us know which fruits should not be consumed after cesarean according to gynecologists.

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Which fruits should not be eaten after cesarean?

Dr. Ankita has shared a video on Instagram and told that apple and pomegranate should not be eaten after C-section. Both these fruits can cause acidity and stomach pain in the mother. If you have also had a C-section, then you should avoid eating pomegranate and apple for a few days.

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Which fruits are recommended to eat?

The doctor said that after C-section, women should be fed chiku, banana and watermelon. These fruits should be fed slowly. Also, do not feed juice bought from the market. If juice has to be fed, then first feed mixed fruit juice or watermelon juice. After this, you can slowly start feeding pomegranate and apple juice. Drinking pomegranate and apple juice immediately after delivery can cause acidity.

don't eat this vegetable

don't eat this vegetable

According to CareHospitals, jackfruit should not be eaten in the initial weeks after C-section. It can cause digestive problems like heartburn and upset stomach. It can also increase the pain of C-section. According to reports, eating jackfruit after delivery can cause acidity.

Egg and milk

Egg and milk

Both of these are nutritious but not suitable for every new mother. Some women may get stomach pain from cold milk and some may get acidity from hot milk. Milk may be a little difficult to digest after delivery. Eggs can cause bloating which can cause problems after cesarean.

What should we eat

What should we eat

It is best to eat vegetables after cesarean. Green vegetables are best for new mothers as they contain iron, vitamins and calcium. Among green vegetables, you can eat spinach, beans, broccoli and fenugreek. You can also get protein from mushrooms and carrots.

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