The debate did not start but there was uproar, know about the verbal war between Modi and Kharge on the first day of the Parliament session

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: In response to the ruling party's slogan 'Abki Baar 400 Paar', the opposition strengthened itself in this Lok Sabha election with the slogan 'Samvidhan Badal Denge'. Therefore, the opposition and especially the Congress party are engaged in taking the politics on the Constitution to the next level. When the first parliamentary session of the 18th Lok Sabha took place, on the first day many Congress MPs including Rahul Gandhi held the Constitution in their hands. Even when Home Minister Amit Shah was going to take the oath of the post of MP and the secrecy associated with it, Rahul Gandhi waved a copy of the Constitution. Earlier, before entering the Parliament, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a campaign to make the public aware on the completion of 50 years of imposition of Emergency in the country. On this, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge lost his temper. He reprimanded PM Modi.

Prime Minister Modi has told us that his attitude will not soften.

In fact, while addressing the media on the first day of the Parliament session, the Prime Minister fiercely attacked the Congress. PM Modi said that his government will do three times more work in the third term. While advising the opposition, he said that the country needs a responsible opposition. PM Modi made it clear through his attitude that even though the NDA's seats have decreased this time, the opposition will not be given a chance to dominate. On the contrary, the PM did not miss the opportunity to curse the Congress. Referring to the imposition of Emergency in Indira Gandhi's government, he said, 'Tomorrow marks the completion of 50 years of the black spot on Indian democracy. The new generation will not forget how the Indian Constitution was abolished. How the country was turned into a prison and democracy was held captive. On this 50th anniversary, the country will take a pledge that this will never happen again.'

Kharge's strong reaction to the Prime Minister's statement

PM Modi's remarks and attack on the Congress drew sharp reactions. Kharge said, “You are warning the opposition. You are talking about the 50-year-old Emergency, but have forgotten the undeclared Emergency of the last 10 years.” Kharge said the people have “given a mandate against Modi ji.” The Congress chief said the opposition alliance will raise the voice of the people inside and outside Parliament.

Prime Minister congratulates the new MPs

While the Prime Minister said that the government will continuously try to take everyone along to serve the country and the countrymen, but at the same time he also gave a strong message to the opposition. He said, 'India needs a responsible opposition, people want concrete things rather than sloganeering, they want discussions, they want hard work rather than drama and ruckus in Parliament. I hope the opposition will live up to the expectations of the people.' He said that the country has a lot of expectations from the MPs and urged them to take every possible step for public welfare. The PM congratulated the newly elected MPs and said that this is the first time that new MPs will take oath in the new Parliament building.

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