The country's well-known doctor said- 'Parents are putting garbage in their children's stomachs, they will have to regret it a lot'

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The responsibility of children's diet and health lies on the parents. Only parents can develop healthy eating habits in their children. But if they make any mistake, the child has to suffer the consequences. When parents start feeding unhealthy things to the child instead of feeding the right things, it can harm the child's health.

The country's renowned liver doctor Shiv Kumar Sarin said in an interview that parents give anything to their children to eat. The mother gave milk, mixed this in it, mixed a lot of ice cream and gave it to the child and he drank the milk.

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Why didn't you feed me the right food?

The doctor said that when the child grows up, won't this thought come to his mind that why did my parents not feed me the right food. If they had fed me the right food, I would not have had blood pressure problems at the age of 20. If they had taken me for running, perhaps I would have been a good player today.

There is no disease

He said that when a child grows up, he feels that if his parents had taken proper care of his food and drink, he would not have had any disease and his muscles would have been strong. Therefore, the child has the right to ask his parents why they did not make him healthy.

This was what the doctor said, now in this article we are going to tell you about some healthy eating habits, which you should start developing in your child from today itself.

Have a meal with family

Have a meal with family

children's health According to research, when children eat meals with their family, they are more likely to eat fruits, vegetables and grains. Along with this, children eat less unhealthy foods. Their risk of smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol is also reduced.

Be your own role model

Be your own role model

To teach your child good habits, you have to adopt them first. By watching you, the child will learn everything himself and your efforts will be reduced. You can give the right message to the child by feeding him fruits and vegetables and staying away from low-nutritional foods. Apart from this, avoid overeating yourself too.

Pay attention to the little things

Pay attention to the little things

Do not force the child to wash his plate, rather explain to him that doing so is a good habit and he should adopt this habit. When the child is trying to finish the entire meal, do not urge him to eat sweets. Sweets do not provide any nutrition to the child, rather there is a risk of his teeth getting damaged. Do not give toffees or sweets to the child to express love. Your hug will also be enough for him.

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