The child started crying loudly in front of his mother… PM narrated a funny story in the Parliament

Orhan Wadia
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New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday attacked opposition leader Rahul Gandhi in the Lok Sabha without naming him. Calling Rahul Gandhi a child, the PM accused him of doing drama in the House. The opposition created a ruckus during the PM's speech. However, despite this, the PM continued his attack. The PM said, 'A child came back from school and started crying loudly. Seeing her son crying like this, his mother also got scared. He told his mother that he had hit me in school and started crying loudly.'

The PM said, 'The mother asked the son what the matter was, but he was not telling and started crying loudly. The child was not telling that he abused someone's mother, tore a child's book. He did not tell that he called the teacher a thief, he did not tell that he stole someone's lunch box and ate it. We saw this childish act in the House yesterday.'

Amidst the uproar in the House, the PM further said, 'Yesterday this child was crying. He hit me, he hit me and this new drama has been started to garner sympathy. The country knows that he is out on bail in a scam of thousands of crores of rupees. He has been convicted in the case of calling people of OBC class thieves. He had to apologize after making irresponsible statements against the Supreme Court. There is a case of insulting Veer Savarkar. Many leaders, officials and institutions are being accused of lying.'

first published : July 2, 2024, 5:53 PM IST

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