The Army recommends that if any Agniveer is martyred, his family should be given help like pension.

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New Delhi:The Indian Army has recommended that if an Agniveer is killed in action, then his family should be given help like pension for living. Along with this, the Army has also recommended that 50 percent or more Agniveers should be made permanent. At present, there is a provision to make only a maximum of 25 percent Agniveers permanent under the Agneepath scheme. The Army took feedback about the Agneepath scheme and Agniveers from all its units for about four months and conducted a complete survey within the Army itself. A few days ago, the Army has sent its recommendations to the Department of Military Affairs i.e. DMA on the basis of feedback and survey. The head of DMA is the Chief of Defense Staff. According to sources, it has been said in the recommendation that if an Agniveer is killed, then his family should be given a subsistence allowance.

There is no such provision right now
According to an officer, this is a kind of pension. It has also been recommended that if Agniveers become disabled while working for the defense of the country, then they should also be given ex-gratia (financial help). At present, there is no such provision for Agniveers in the Agneepath scheme. The army recommends that at least 50 percent of Agniveers in every batch should be made permanent. Along with this, it has also been recommended to increase the maximum age of Agniveers in the technical branch. According to sources, no recommendation has been made by the army to extend the tenure of Agniveers by four years.

This scheme was launched in June 2022
The Agneepath scheme was implemented in the Indian Army in June 2022 and with this the old recruitment system was completely abolished. All the recruitments in the army are being done of Agniveers under the Agneepath scheme. With the implementation of the scheme, questions started being raised on it and it also started facing opposition. In the recently held Lok Sabha elections, the Congress had promised in its manifesto that if it came to power, it would abolish the Agneepath scheme and implement the old recruitment system.

The opposition does not like the new government plan
In the first Parliament session, India Alliance had opposed the Agneepath scheme and raised the issue of discrimination between Agniveers and regular soldiers. Many retired officers have said that the Agneepath scheme will reduce the operational capability and war fighting ability of the army. Former Navy Chief Admiral KB Singh wrote on the social media platform that 'The motive behind bringing the Agneepath scheme was only to reduce the pension bill. While the truth is that this scheme will reduce combat effectiveness and this fact is known to everyone who understands national security.'

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