The 2029 elections will be held in a new format, the format of parliamentary elections will change

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: Another general election is over. As per the set rule, the next election will be held in 2029. But if we look at the major developments that will take place in the next one or two years after the formation of the new government, then this is the last election in its present form. It is quite likely that by the time the next general election is held in 2019, some major decisions will have been taken which will completely change the current political scenario. All political parties will have to start their politics afresh.

Some of the important decisions are as follows-
1. Effect of delimitation
After 2025, a new delimitation will be implemented in the country. After the new delimitation, there can be about 900 new MPs in the country. It is believed that out of the 900 seats that will increase from 543 seats, more than 80 percent of the seats will be in states like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan and the representation of the South will not increase accordingly. This will have a big impact on national politics. However, this can also increase the dispute between the North and the South. The basis of delimitation is the population of the states.

2. Implementation of women reservation
In the last days of its second term, the Modi government passed a law to reserve one-third of the seats in Parliament and state assemblies for women. Its implementation is likely to take place in the 2012 general elections, as the condition behind it was that it would be implemented after the delimitation is implemented. In such a situation, it will become mandatory for all political parties to field women candidates in at least one-third of the seats in the next general elections. This will completely change the current politics.

3. Will there be one country one election?
It is believed that one country, one election will be implemented in the next general election. Narendra Modi is considered its biggest supporter. This is also an important point in the BJP manifesto. Before the general election, the government had formed a committee under the leadership of former President Ramnath Kovind, which was to give a roadmap for this. The committee has submitted its report. Narendra Modi himself reiterated his resolve in an interview to NBT that he will implement it. Now that a coalition government is about to be formed, it will be interesting to see whether the new government moves forward in this direction or not.

4. Will there be any change in reservation also?
Questions are also being raised whether there will be a change in the reservation system in Parliament? Census is to be conducted immediately after the formation of the new government. After the release of the data, the pressure on the government to review the reservation quota may increase. Many political parties are also demanding to increase the reservation quota in Parliament. In such a situation, it will also have to be seen whether the new delimitation and women reservation will be implemented in the next general elections or not and whether OBC reservation will also be included in it or not.

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