Thalapathy Vijay's 14-year-old fan got burnt in fire! One mistake proved costly, there was chaos in no time

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South's famous actor Thalapathy Vijay's birthday was on 22 June. He did not celebrate his birthday because recently more than 50 people were killed in an illegal liquor incident there. Still, the fans of the star were not going to listen. An event was organized in Neelankarai, Chennai, where a 14-year-old child was doing karate, but a mistake proved costly and there was a ruckus due to fire. The child was rushed to the hospital, where he was treated. An event was organized to celebrate actor Vijay's birthday. In this program, a child did a karate stunt, in which he was breaking stones with his hands. But before this stunt, a little petrol was sprinkled on his hand and it was set on fire. That 14-year-old child broke the stone

14 year old kid is doing stunts

A mistake that proved costly!

The person who had sprinkled petrol on the child's hand had forgotten to close the bottle. While he was trying to save the child, petrol spilled out of the bottle and the fire spread in no time. There was chaos. The fire kept increasing due to the petrol falling in the bottle. Thankfully, no one died in this accident. The child was immediately taken to the hospital, where he was treated.

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The reaction of the people on hearing the news of the accident was like this

People are shocked after this video went viral. Some people are praying for the child's recovery, while some have called it a very risky and horrific accident. One wrote, 'This is not the right way to celebrate someone's birthday.'

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