Team India's chartered flight got special number AIC24WC, its meaning is very special

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New Delhi. Team India, the winner of T20 World Cup 2024, has not yet returned to the country even after the final match is over. Flight services have been canceled due to cyclone in Barbados, due to which it has not been possible for Team India to come to India yet. Now BCCI has made complete arrangements to bring Team India members back home. Chartered planes have been arranged to bring Team India back to the country, so that the players can be brought safely to India. A special number has also been allotted to this plane, so that there is no confusion of any kind. Air India's special chartered plane has been allotted the number AIC24WC. Its meaning is very special.

Team India will be brought back home from Barbados by a special flight numbered AIC24WC. AIC24WC means Air India Champions 24 World Cup. This means that this plane is specifically for the T20 World Cup 2024 winner Team India. Let us tell you that the members of Team India are stranded in Barbados since June 29. Due to the cyclonic storm, the basic facilities in the island country have been completely disrupted. In view of the severe weather, the local administration has had to put a brake on air services. After the weather improved, now the exercise to bring back Team India has been started.

DGCA sought report
The Air India plane that brought the Indian team is now surrounded by controversies. It is being claimed that the scheduled flight number AI106 was cancelled to bring the Indian team from there. Now this flight has been given a special call sign AIC24WC i.e. Air India Champion 24 World Cup. According to the information, this plane was sent to Bridgetown so that the team and other stranded journalists could be brought to India. DGCA has summoned a report from Air India in this matter and has tried to know what actually happened?

'No problems for passengers'
However, sources associated with Air India say that the passengers did not face any inconvenience in changing this flight. They were informed in advance. This flight was to come from Newark to Delhi. The passengers who could not be informed were brought to Newark by vehicles and then adjusted in different flights. However, no official statement has come from Air India.

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