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New Delhi. After winning the ICC T20 World Cup, the Indian cricket team is facing delays in returning home. All flights have been canceled due to bad weather in Barbados. Due to this, the players and staff of the Indian team are confined to their hotel rooms. Fans waiting for Team India to return to India are worried. Captain Rohit Sharma shared a picture with everyone and conveyed the message of the team's well-being in Barbados.

Team India has not yet reached India after winning the ICC T20 World Cup. India won the trophy by winning the final against South Africa in a thrilling manner in Barbados. Due to the cyclone warning issued by the Meteorological Department, all the airports in Barbados have been closed. Due to this, all flights have also been cancelled. The Indian team is forced to remain locked in their hotel rooms.

Rohit Sharma gave the update
Fans of the Indian team are worried about the player. In such a situation, captain Rohit Sharma shared his picture on Instagram and removed everyone's worries. The Hit Man posted a picture of himself lying on the bed and wrote Good Morning. Now when Rohit Sharma's morning was good, his fans' day was also made.

The players of the Indian team are locked in the hotel due to the possibility of a dangerous storm. According to PTI news, about 70 members are locked in the hotel due to the storm and are waiting for the weather to improve. As soon as the weather changes, all the members will be transported from Barbados to Bridgetown by charter flight. Team India and the coaching team traveling with them will fly to New Delhi.

first published : July 1, 2024, 11:27 IST

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