Team India stuck in Barbados, forced to stand in line at the hotel and eat food in paper plates

Orhan Wadia
Orhan Wadia - Editor
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New Delhi. The Indian cricket team ended a 17-year drought by winning the ICC T20 World Cup title. Rohit Sharma's team won the trophy by defeating South Africa in a thrilling final. Indian fans are waiting for their champion team but their return to India is getting delayed. The entire Indian team is badly stuck in Barbados where the T20 World Cup final was played due to bad weather. The situation is so bad that all the players are forced to remain locked in their hotel rooms.

The Indian cricket team wants to return to their country as soon as possible after winning the ICC T20 World Cup, but the weather in Barbados has stopped them. The Meteorological Department has predicted a cyclone in Barbados and a high alert has been issued regarding this. Due to this, all the airports there have been closed for the time being. All flights from Barbados have been canceled. Local people have also been forbidden to leave their homes. There is a curfew-like atmosphere in the entire area due to the storm.

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