Teachers angry over teaching Manusmriti in DU LLB course! Proposal rejected, know what is so special about it?

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Changes in Delhi University LLB syllabus: There is a ruckus over the change in the syllabus of Delhi University's law course. There is a proposal to teach a part of Manusmriti in DU's new LLB syllabus. This proposal was to be placed in the DU Academic Committee meeting on Friday, July 12. But some teachers got angry as soon as they got the news of this. They have written a letter to DU VC Yogesh Singh against this. At the same time, the opposition has also started cornering BJP and RSS on this issue.

Why opposition to Manusmriti?

In a letter sent to the Vice Chancellor of Delhi University, DU Teachers' Association (SDTF) has written that-
'We have come to know that it has been recommended to teach Manusmriti in law courses. This is extremely objectionable. Because the things written in it are against the education and progress of women and backward classes in India. While half of the country's population is women. Their progress depends on a progressive education system, not on regressive education that takes us backwards. Many parts of Manusmriti oppose women's education and equal rights. Including any part of it would be against the principles of our Constitution.'

The letter further states that 'This will also have a negative impact on the rights of SC, ST, OBC and transgender communities. This is strictly against human values ​​and human dignity. Therefore, we strongly object to the inclusion of the jurisprudence paper in the syllabus and this change in the syllabus. It should be withdrawn immediately and should not be approved in the meeting.'

The proposal was rejected even before the meeting

The Social Democratic Teachers Front (SDTF) has requested the DU Vice Chancellor to continue the chapter on jurisprudence in the same form as it has been taught till now. It can be further improved with contemporary and research based material.

After this letter, DU VC has informed that the proposal to teach Manusmriti in law course is being rejected. It will not be brought in the Academic Council meeting of DU to be held on 12th July.

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