Tea and Coffee? Which is more dangerous for health… after how many cups to stop?

Ananya Shroff
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Tea vs. Coffee: Exploring Health Benefits and Considerations

For a significant portion of Indians, their mornings begin with a cup of tea or coffee. These beverages are often sought after as quick pick-me-ups or to shake off fatigue. In this article, we will delve into whether tea or coffee is beneficial for one’s health.

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Caffeine Content

Comparatively, coffee contains much more caffeine than tea, and this holds true for nicotine as well. However, the caffeine and nicotine levels in tea are reduced due to the filtering process.

Caffeine and Health

Caffeine can have detrimental effects on health. The timing of consuming these beverages matters significantly. A healthy intake limit for caffeine is around 400 grams. Exceeding this limit can pose health risks.

Weight Management

Caffeine, present in both tea and coffee, accounts for up to 3-13 percent of calories and can aid in burning fat. As a result, coffee consumption might be more beneficial for weight loss efforts.


Both tea and coffee are rich sources of antioxidants, which safeguard against various harms and diseases.

Boosting Energy Levels

Tea contains less caffeine but is abundant in L-theanine, beneficial for brain function. Research indicates that the combination of L-theanine and caffeine in tea promotes alertness, focus, and wakefulness.

Dental Impact

Tea tends to have a more noticeable negative effect on teeth, causing discoloration from white to yellow.

Expert Insights

Experts generally lean towards tea as the better choice due to its lower caffeine content. The preparation process also varies significantly between the two beverages. Prolonged brewing may impact the antioxidants’ effectiveness, which is not ideal for health. Additionally, the quantity of sugar added significantly impacts the overall health impact.

Tea or Coffee: A Matter of Choice

The decision between tea and coffee largely comes down to personal preference. However, excessive consumption of either is detrimental to health. It is advised to consume both beverages in moderation. Drinking one to two cups of tea or coffee is generally acceptable. Exceeding this limit can have negative consequences on one’s health.


Before adopting the methods, suggestions, or approaches mentioned in this article, consulting a medical professional or relevant expert is crucial. It’s essential to seek advice and guidance before making any dietary changes or health-related decisions.

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