Take tutorial from us… When Elon Musk raised questions on EVM, BJP leader gave this answer

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Take tutorial from us… When Elon Musk raised questions on EVM, BJP leader gave this answer

New Delhi: American industrialist Elon Musk's statement on EVMs has stirred controversy. Former Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar on Sunday said that Elon Musk's idea of ​​removing EVMs from voting is a broad general statement and there is no truth in it. He said that Tesla CEO Elon Musk should come to India and learn something.

Musk had suggested eliminating EVMs
Elon Musk had said in a post that EVMs should be abolished because the risk of being hacked by humans or AI is still very high. Reacting to his post, Rajiv Chandrashekhar said that this is not the case at all. He said, 'This is a very general statement, which means that no one can create secure digital hardware. This is wrong.' According to Chandrashekhar, Elon Musk's way of thinking can be applied in the US and elsewhere, where they use regular computing platforms to create internet-connected voting machines.

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The BJP leader said- let us show you the tutorial
Elon Musk had reacted to Puerto Rico's primary elections, which reportedly saw irregularities in voting. Chandrasekhar rejected Musk's statement, saying Indian EVMs are custom-designed, secure and isolated from any network or media. No connectivity, no Bluetooth, no Wi-Fi, no internet; there is no way around it. Factory-programmed controllers that cannot be reprogrammed. “Electronic voting machines can be designed and built exactly the way India has done. Elon, we would be happy to show you a tutorial,” Chandrasekhar said.

Rahul Gandhi also raised questions on EVM
Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has also reacted to Musk's tweet. Responding to Musk, he said, EVM in India is a 'black box', and no one is allowed to examine it. Serious concerns are being raised about transparency in our electoral process. When institutions lack accountability, democracy becomes a sham and the possibility of fraud increases.

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