Taiwan demands immediate release of fishing vessel and 6 crew members seized by China

Ronit Kawale
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Taiwan's Coast Guard Administration has asked China to explain why it seized a Taiwanese fishing vessel, the Da Jin Man No. 88, and demanded the immediate release of the ship and its six crew members, Taiwan News reported on Wednesday.

The ship, Da Jin Man No. 88, registered in Penghu, was seized by the Chinese coast guard on July 2. The ship was reportedly stopped about 20 kilometers from a port in Jinjiang county, Fujian province, in response to a summer fishing ban. The CGA said two Taiwanese and three Indonesian nationals were on board the ship.

According to the CGA, the fishing vessel was about 10km off the province's coast when it was intercepted.

According to Taiwan News, CGA Deputy Director General Hsieh Ching-chin said the agency received a report on Tuesday from the owner of a Taiwanese fishing boat that it was intercepted by two Chinese coast guard ships 43.89 km (23.7 nautical miles) northeast of Liaoluo Port in Kinmen.

The CGA dispatched patrol boats PP-10081 and PP-3505 to assist Da Jin Man No. 88. The CGA also dispatched PP-10039 to assist.

PP-10081 was intercepted by three Chinese coast guard ships at 9:14 pm (local time).

The CGA demanded that China release the seized Taiwanese fishing boat, the Da Jin Man No. 88, but the Chinese coast guard urged them not to interfere.

In addition, the CGA found that four more Chinese coast guard ships had arrived at the scene. The coast guard was unable to rescue the fishing boat and decided to retreat to de-escalate tensions.

According to Taiwan News, Hsieh said the Taiwanese fishing boat was escorted to Weitou Port in Fujian by the Chinese coast guard at 10:30 pm (local time) on Tuesday.

The plane's location was in Chinese waters, 20.74 km offshore from Shenhu City, Fujian.

Hsieh said China currently has imposed a fishing ban. He said further talks with the Chinese side would be held through the Mainland Affairs Council and the fisheries agency.

Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) said it would handle any future developments in cooperation with the fisheries agency.

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