T20 World Cup: Why was Rohit upset before India-Pakistan match, he said- before the injury…

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New Delhi. Before the India-Pakistan match, Rohit Sharma has once again raised the issue of the pitch. Surprised by the behavior of the American pitch, Rohit said that he does not know what to expect from it during the match against Pakistan because even the curators are 'confused' about the 'drop-in' wicket here. The match between India and Pakistan is to be held at the Nassau County ground. Drop-in pitches are laid on the ground after being prepared away from the venue.

The matches played in New York in the T20 World Cup have seen low scores. In the match played here, Ireland's team was bowled out for less than 100 runs against India. The ICC also had to issue a statement admitting the flaws in the pitch. This is the second match of both India and Pakistan in the tournament. Pakistan lost to the USA in its opening match while India defeated Ireland.

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Rohit said a day before the match against Pakistan, 'New York is not our home ground. We have played two matches here, but we do not know much about its nature. It behaves differently on different days, so the curator is also confused.' He said, 'You can imagine what kind of thinking we need to have. We do not know which pitch we are playing on (against Pakistan), so whoever plays better cricket will win the match.'

Rohit Sharma's concerns have increased due to the slow outfield. The Indian captain said, “The outfield is slow. Some shots get a lot of bounce on the field, and some ground shots do not have pace. In such a situation, running between the wickets is important. We need to play according to the conditions.”

Interest in the team before injury
Rohit and Rishabh Pant were also injured due to uneven bounce in the opening match of the tournament against Ireland. Rohit said, 'This is the World Cup so nothing can be bigger than this. The interest of the team comes before getting injured. To win the match, it is important to play good cricket without paying much attention to the opposing team and the pitch.'

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