T20 World Cup: Why is America demolishing the New York stadium where India-Pakistan match was held?

Orhan Wadia
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New Delhi. The T20 World Cup 2024 was jointly organized by the US and the West Indies. All the matches scheduled to be held in the US have been played. Now this tournament has shifted to the West Indies. The match between India and the US was played at the Nassau Cricket Stadium. The Indian team also played a match against Pakistan here. It is being told that now this stadium will be demolished. It will be converted into a park like before.

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The construction of this stadium started in September 2023. This stadium was completed in just a few months. But now it will be demolished within 6 weeks. However, the ICC has left this decision to the officials of Nassau. This stadium will be converted into Eisenhower Park like before. Where there will be facility for people to come and go. What will be the decision regarding the pitch there. This will be decided by the officials there.

A total of 8 matches were played in this stadium. Bowlers dominated in every match. The highest score on this ground was also 137 runs. Which Canada made against Ireland. This pitch is not suitable for batsmen to play in future. That is why ICC has taken this decision. Let us tell you that before the World Cup, 4 drop-in pitches were laid in Nassau Stadium while 6 pitches were laid nearby for practice. Drop-in pitches are those which are made far away from the ground or venue. Later these pitches are brought by crane or truck and laid in the stadium.

first published : June 13, 2024, 12:41 IST

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