T20 World Cup Super 8: India-Australia will play semi-final from this group… Commentator made the picture clear

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New Delhi. India has almost confirmed its ticket to the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup 2024 by defeating Bangladesh. If Afghanistan does not do a miracle, then no one can stop India from playing the semi-finals. Due to this equation of the semi-finals, Dinesh Karthik is also confident that only India and Australia will qualify for the semi-finals from Group-1.

The picture of the semi-finals of T20 World Cup 2024 has now become quite clear. Especially from Group-1 where India has won both its matches. India is in first place with 4 points after winning both its matches in this group. Its net run rate (2.425) is also very good. Australia is in second place in the group with 2 points and 2.471 net run rate.

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Bangladesh out of the race for semi-finals
Bangladesh team has been eliminated from the race for semi-finals after losing its two matches. Now only 3 teams including India are in the race for semi-finals in Group 1. These include Australia and Afghanistan. These two teams are playing a match today (23 June). If Australia wins, it will secure its place in the semi-finals along with India.

If Afghanistan beats Australia then…
If Afghanistan makes an upset and defeats Australia then the race for the semi-finals will become interesting. If Afghanistan wins then it will have 2 points equal to Australia. After this, Australia vs India and Afghanistan vs Bangladesh matches will become important. Then Afghanistan will have a chance to increase its points to 4 by defeating Bangladesh. Similarly, Australia will also get 4 points only if it defeats India. If all this happens, that is, Afghanistan's team wins both its next matches and Australia's team defeats India, then the top-3 teams of the group will have 4 points each. Then the net run rate will decide which two teams will play the semi-finals.

DK does not expect much from Afghanistan
Now you must have known how much possibility India has of playing in the semi-finals. Australia's position is also strong. This is the reason that as soon as India defeated Bangladesh, commentator Dinesh Karthik said that if Afghanistan does not make any upset, then India and Australia will play the semi-finals from this group (one). It is clear that DK does not have much hope from Afghanistan that it can spoil the game of India or Australia.

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