T20 World Cup: India's Super 8 schedule final, know when and against which team

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New Delhi. With the victory over America, India has made its place in the Super-8 of the T20 World Cup. With this victory, India's Super-8 schedule has also been finalized. Now it is clear that India will remain number one in its Group A. This means that Team India will remain in Group One in the Super-8. India has won all its three matches in the group stage. It has defeated Pakistan, Ireland and America. Its last match in the group stage is against Canada.

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Super-8 matches will start from June 19
The Super-8 matches in the T-20 World Cup are starting from June 19. The 8 teams of Super-8 have been divided into two groups (1 and 2). Group-1 has A1, B2, C1, D2 (Group 1: A1, B2, C1, D2). Similarly, Group-2 has A2, B1, C2, D1 (Group 2: A2, B1, C2, D1). That means the Indian team will remain in Group One.

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The Indian team is at the top of Group A with 6 points. Its net run rate is 1.137. America has 4 points and its net run rate is 0.127. Even if America wins by more than 100 runs, it cannot leave India behind in terms of net run rate. This means that India is sure to remain number 1 in the group stage.

A1 matches on 20, 22 and 24 June
According to the ICC schedule, the three matches of A1 team in Super-8 are to be held on 20th, 22nd and 24th June respectively. According to this, India can face West Indies or Afghanistan (C1) on 20th June. The Indian team can face Sri Lanka or Netherlands (D2) on 22nd June. South Africa is in Group D. There is every possibility that South Africa will remain number-1 at the end of the group stage. Its last match in Group D is against Nepal.

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According to the proposed schedule, the Indian team can face the team ranked second in Group B on 24 June. There is a possibility that India can face Scotland or England on this day. Currently, Australia is at number one in this group with 6 points. Scotland (5) is second, Namibia (2) is third and England (1) is at number four. England still has two matches left and if it wins both these matches and Scotland loses its last match, then the situation of the points table can change. Then England can become number-2. Australia's last match is against Scotland. If there is no upset, then Australia will enter the Super-8 as B1.

There are still 14 matches left in the group stage
There are still 14 matches remaining in the group stage of the T20 World Cup. There can be upsets in cricket at any time. Therefore, it cannot be said with full guarantee which team will be at which position. But the situation so far suggests that the Indian team will not face Australia, South Africa and Pakistan (if it reaches) in the Super-8. The reason is that Australia (B) and South Africa (D) can be number-1 in their respective groups. In the group stage, Pakistan is in India's Group A. According to the schedule, the teams which were together in the group stage will not face each other in the Super-8.

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The match between India and Australia is being shown on the ICC's official website on June 24. This has created a bit of confusion because according to the schedule released earlier, it is unlikely to happen. This will be possible only if Australia remains at number 2 in its group, which does not seem possible at the moment.

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