T20 World Cup: India will face Australia-Afghanistan in Super-8, Bangladesh will also be there…

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T20 World Cup: India will face Australia-Afghanistan in Super-8, Bangladesh will also be there…

New Delhi. More than half of the matches have been played in the T20 World Cup 2024. Most of the teams have played three matches each in the group stage. With this, the picture of the next round of the tournament i.e. Super-8 has become clear. India has reached the Super-8. It has also been decided against which teams India will play in the Super-8. Let us know what is India's schedule in the Super-8. When will India's matches be played. At what time will these matches start (as per Indian time).

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The Indian team is in Group A of the T20 World Cup. Only India has been able to make it to the Super-8 from this group. There are 4 groups in the tournament. Two teams from each group will qualify for the Super-8. The 8 teams of the Super-8 have been divided into Group-1 and Group-2.

Although the top-2 teams from each group will make it to the Super-8, their competition will not be based on performance in group matches. The seeding for the Super-8 was already decided. For example, whether India is number one or number two in its group, it will be considered A1. Similarly, in Group B, England has been given B1 seeding and Australia has been given B2 seeding. The Indian team will face B2 in the Super-8, whether it is number one or number two in its group. Similarly, seeding has been given to the teams of every group.

  • When will India's Super-8 matches be held? What time will these matches start?

  • India's three matches in the Super-8 will be held on June 20, June 22 and June 22 respectively. All three matches of India will start at 8 pm (Indian time).

  • Against which teams will India play in Super-8?

  • In the Super-8, India will face Australia, Afghanistan and Bangladesh or Netherlands.

  • Who will India face first in Super-8?

  • India's first match in Super-8 will be against Afghanistan on June 20. This match will be played in Barbados.

  • Against whom will India's second match be in Super-8?

  • India's second match in the Super-8 is likely to be against Bangladesh (D2) on June 22. Netherlands is also in this race. But its equation to reach the playoffs is quite complicated. In Group D, D1 seeding was given to South Africa and D2 seeding to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has been eliminated from the Super-8. Therefore, the team that qualifies in its place will be given D2 seeding.

  • Against whom will India's third match be in Super-8?

  • India's third match in the Super-8 will be against Australia (B2) on June 24. Australia was already given B2 seeding.

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