T20 World Cup: Ashwin backs Afghan cricketer who faked injury, says he is back in his country…

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New Delhi. Ravichandran Ashwin believes that Afghanistan's Gulbadin Naib was justified in pretending to be injured to waste time in the T20 World Cup, for which he could be penalized by the ICC. Most former cricketers and cricket fans criticized Gulbadin's drama. Gulbadin was trolled throughout the day for his 'drama'. But R Ashwin says that Gulbadin's pretending to be injured on the field was justified as it was a do or die match for his team.

During Bangladesh's batting, Afghanistan's Gulbadin Naib was fielding in the slip area. In the 12th over, he suddenly fell on his back and held his thigh. At the same time, the TV screen showed that Afghanistan's coach Jonathan Trott was signaling his players to slow down the game. The coach made this gesture because it had started raining at that time and if the game had stopped here, Afghanistan would have won the match by 2 runs. At that time, according to the Duckworth Lewis rule, the Afghan team was 2 runs ahead.

Ravichandran Ashwin said on his 'YouTube channel', 'Jonathan Trott was signaling from the dressing room to slow down the pace of the game. After this, Naib fell on the field like a broken branch of a tree. Everyone is saying that he will be punished for this. But what is the problem? He is playing for his country and trying to win the 'do or die' World Cup qualifier.

According to ICC's playing rules, 'A player may be banned for 2 matches for deliberate or repeated time-wasting tactics. In this case, the NB may be saved due to the first and final warning of the match referee.'

Earlier on Tuesday, Ashwin had posted on the social media platform 'X', “Red card for Gulbadin Naib.” Naib replied to the Indian off-spinner on his social media handle, “It happens in times of happiness and sadness. Hamstring.”

The T20 World Cup has now reached the semi-final round. Both the semi-finals of the tournament will be played on Thursday. Afghanistan will face South Africa in the first semi-final. Ashwin said that Afghanistan should try to hold on in the beginning against South Africa. This will make their job easier.

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