T20 World Cup 2024: Who was the hidden warrior of Team India, kept doing his work quietly, gave air to the opponents…

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New Delhi. When any team wins the World Cup, it is not just one player but every player who contributes to it. India has also won the T20 World Cup, so every player has his own role in it. Before the World Cup, the Indian team was considered to be dependent on stars like Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Jaspreet Bumrah, Hardik Pandya. But in this tournament, a new player emerged in every match. Axar Patel, whose place in the playing eleven was not even considered certain, turned out to be the hidden hero of the entire T20 World Cup.

Kohli's innings is like 'one blacksmith is equal to hundred goldsmiths'
India has T20 World Cup 2024 The team has won the trophy by performing brilliantly in the final. The Indian team is now celebrating. All the players performed as expected except Virat Kohli. However, Virat Kohli made up for it in the final as per the saying 'one blacksmith is equal to a hundred goldsmiths'. He played an important role in making India win the final by scoring 76 runs.

Akshar did a counter attack in the final
Axar Patel played a beautiful innings of 47 runs in the final of T20 World Cup 2024. He played this innings when Indian Team The team was under pressure after losing 3 wickets for 34 runs. When Virat Kohli was taking the team forward by holding one end, Akshar counter-attacked and pushed South Africa on the backfoot. Apart from this, Akshar also took a wicket in the match.

Beautiful innings played in the final
all rounder Akhar Patel Not only the final of T20 World Cup 2024, Akshar performed brilliantly in almost every match. He took 3 wickets for just 23 runs and also scored 10 runs in a very important match against England in the semi-finals. Similarly, when India lost wickets in quick succession against Pakistan, Akshar was promoted. Then Akshar played an important innings of 20 runs.

Took 9 wickets and also scored 92 runs
Axar Patel was the only Indian player in the T20 World Cup 2024 who batted at number four and five when needed and also bowled in the powerplay when needed. He took a total of 9 wickets in the tournament and also scored 92 runs. Only Hardik Pandya (11 wickets, 144 runs) was the player who took more wickets and scored more runs than Axar Patel in the T20 World Cup.

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