T20 World Cup: 191, 120, 159… Runs-balls-strike rate… Rohit and Butler's figures are the same, never seen this before…

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New Delhi. There are many such moments in cricket which do not come back again. There are many such records which cannot be forgotten. In the T20 World Cup 2024, a record has been registered in the name of Rohit Sharma and Jos Buttler which has rarely been seen between any two captains before. When the teams of India and England play the semi-final match on Thursday, their captains Rohit Sharma and Jos Buttler will have equal runs registered in their names. Not only in terms of runs but also in terms of strike rate and ball play, Rohit and Butler are at par.

Equal balls and equal runs
Rohit Sharma and Jos Buttler have batted in 6 innings each in the T20 World Cup so far. Both these batsmen have played equal 120 balls in their 6 innings. Not only this, Rohit and Buttler have scored equal 191-191 runs in the current tournament. The strike rate of both is also the same (159.16).

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Butler hit more sixes, Rohit hit more fours
Rohit Sharma has returned unbeaten once in the T20 World Cup while Jos Butler has remained not out twice. This is why Butler's average (47.75) is slightly better than Rohit Sharma (38.20). However, Rohit Sharma is ahead in terms of scoring the most runs. Rohit has played an innings of 92 runs in the current World Cup. Butler's best innings has been of 83 runs. Butler and Rohit are also close in terms of hitting boundaries. Rohit has hit 16 sixes and 13 fours. Butler has hit 18 sixes and 10 fours.

Both are captains and opening batsmen too
Rohit Sharma and Jos Buttler are not only the captains of their respective teams but are also the opening batsmen. Both of them have the responsibility of giving a stormy start to their team. The day these batsmen perform, they destroy the opponents. Cricket lovers will remember Rohit Sharma's recent innings against Australia. When India and England face each other, their success will largely depend on their captain Rohit Sharma and Jos Buttler.

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