SUPERSTUD (M) (420ML) Juicer Bottle Mixer, Juice Maker, Portable Juice Blender, USB Rechargeable Personal Size Mini Juicer Grinder for Juices, Shakes and Smoothies

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Product Description


Handheld BlenderHandheld Blender

USB Rechargeable: One of the primary features of a USB juicer blender is its ability to be charged via USB, allowing you to use it cordlessly and conveniently, whether at home, in the office, or while traveling.Compact and Portable: USB juicer blenders are designed to be lightweight and portable, making them easy to carry around and use on the go. They are typically smaller in size compared to traditional countertop blenders.Single-Serve Capacity: Most USB juicer blenders have a single-serve capacity, allowing you to blend ingredients directly into a portable cup or bottle, making it convenient for making smoothies, shakes, and juices for one person.Powerful Motor: Despite their small size, USB juicer blenders often come with powerful motors capable of blending fruits, vegetables, and ice cubes into smooth and creamy beverages.Durable Blades: These blenders feature durable stainless steel blades that can efficiently blend a variety of ingredients, including tough fruits and vegetables, nuts, and seeds.Safety Features: Many USB juicer blenders come with safety features such as automatic shut-off to prevent overheating or overloading, ensuring safe operation.Easy to Clean: The removable parts of USB juicer blenders are often dishwasher safe or easy to clean by hand, making cleanup quick and hassle-free.Versatility: Some USB juicer blenders come with additional accessories or interchangeable blades, allowing you to use them for various tasks such as blending, chopping, and grinding.BPA-Free Materials: To ensure safety and healthiness, many USB juicer blenders are made from BPA-free materials, which are safe for blending food and beverages.LED Indicator: Some models feature LED indicators to show battery status or charging status, making it easy to know when it’s time to recharge the blender.Color Options: Depending on the brand and model, USB juicer blenders may come in a variety of colors to match your style and preferences.Quiet Operation: While not all models have this feature, some USB juicer blenders are designed to operate quietly, making them suitable for use in quiet environments such as offices or bedrooms.



Charging a USB juicer blender is typically a straightforward process. Here’s a general guide on how to charge it:

Check the Battery Level: Before charging, ensure that the battery level of the juicer blender is low or depleted, as indicated by the LED indicator or any other battery level indicator provided by the blender.Locate the USB Port: Most USB juicer blenders come with a built-in USB port for charging. This port is usually located on the base or bottom of the blender.Use a USB Cable: Use the provided USB cable or any standard USB charging cable that is compatible with the juicer blender. Insert one end of the USB cable into the USB port on the blender.Connect to Power Source: Plug the other end of the USB cable into a power source such as a USB wall adapter, a laptop, a power bank, or any other device with a USB port.Charging Indicator: Some USB juicer blenders have a charging indicator, such as an LED light, that illuminates when the blender is charging. This indicator may change color or blink to indicate the charging status.Leave to Charge: Once connected to the power source, leave the juicer blender to charge. The charging time can vary depending on the model and battery capacity. Refer to the user manual for specific charging times.Disconnect When Fully Charged: When the juicer blender is fully charged, unplug the USB cable from the power source and the blender. It’s essential not to overcharge the battery, as it may reduce its lifespan.Verify Charging: You can verify that the juicer blender is fully charged by checking the LED indicator or any other battery level indicator provided by the blender. It should indicate a full battery.Store or Use: Once fully charged, you can store the juicer blender for later use or use it immediately to prepare your favorite smoothies, shakes, or juices.

On-the-Go Blender Battery Operated Blender USB Chargeable Juicer Handheld Juicer USB Blender Bottle Smoothie Blender with USB Charging Portable Juice Extractor



USB Juicer Blender Portable Blender USB Rechargeable Blender Personal Blender Mini Blender Travel Blender

Cordless Blender Handheld Blender Smoothie Maker Electric Juicer Blender USB Powered Blender

Compact Blender

Single-Serve Blender

Prepare Ingredients: Gather all your ingredients and have them ready for blending.

Blend: Place the measured ingredients into a blender. Blend until smooth, adjusting the consistency with more liquid if necessary.

Pour into Shot Glasses: Once blended to your desired consistency, pour the shake mixture into shot glasses. Fill each shot glass about three-quarters full to leave room for any garnishes.

Portable and compact design USB rechargeable for convenient use anywhere Powerful motor for efficient blending Single-serve capacity for on-the-go use Durable stainless steel blades Easy to clean and dishwasher safe Safety features such as automatic shut-off BPA-free materials for safe blending


Easy to Clean and Operation: The juicer cup can be opened up and down. You can open the cap to drink and open the bottom to clean.This juicer is simple to operate, with only one button.Double click the switch to turn on the power.When working,you can shake the bottle by holding it at 45 degrees for better mixing.The single stirring time is 30 seconds.
Please clean the bottle after fully charged, put the cut fruit into the bottle, add an appropriate amount of water or milk according to the amount of fruit, then tighten the bottle lid and base, double-click the button at the bottom to turn on the machine. If you find that the machine cannot be turned on and the button flashes red, it means that the bottle lid or base is not tightened, please tighten it and try again.
When you receive the machine, charge it for 3-5 hours first. Note that when charging is normal, the light on the charger lights up like breathing. When fully charged, the indicator light stays on. If the light is not on, the charger may not be making good contact with the bottle.
If the Juicer Cup does not fit on the bottom of the machine, it cannot be started. When the hull is separated from the floor of the car, it will stop working immediately.
This food grade Blender Bottle material is made of environmentally friendly PP and ABS. Elegant and good-looking, it extracts healthy nutrients from fruit and vegetables, so you can enjoy a fresh diet and a good break.
This juice blender is easy to operate with just one button. Tap the switch twice to turn on the device.

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