Such strong words on Kathua attack, will India repeat Balakot again?

Ananya Shroff
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Such strong words on Kathua attack, will India repeat Balakot again?

New Delhi: On Monday, heavily armed terrorists ambushed an army vehicle in Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir, in which five soldiers were martyred. There were ten soldiers in the army truck who were attacked with grenades and high-tech weapons. The terrorist organization Kashmir Tigers, associated with the banned Jaish-e-Mohammed based in Pakistan, has taken responsibility for this attack. There is anger in the whole country after this cowardly attack. The next day of the attack, a strong message was given by India and it was said that the sacrifice of the soldiers will not go in vain. The Defense Secretary said that the martyrdom of the soldiers will be avenged. The army operation is going on to find the terrorists and take them to the right place. After the Kathua attack, India has told in strong words that whoever is behind this will not be spared. In such a situation, the question is also whether India can repeat the story like Balakot again?

Kathua will be avenged, warning

Defence Secretary Giridhar Armane said on Tuesday that the martyrdom of five soldiers in the Kathua attack will be avenged. He said that India will defeat the evil forces behind it. Giving a strong message after the attack, the Defence Secretary said that the country will always remember the sacrifice of these soldiers and their sacrifice will not go in vain. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, furious over the cowardly act of Kathua, said that the army's operation against terrorists is not going to stop. It is not hidden from anyone how these terrorist organizations get support from neighboring country Pakistan. In 2019, India taught Pakistan a lesson through Balakot air strike after a similar attack (Pulwama attack).

Has Pakistan forgotten the Balakot air strike?

More than five years have passed since the Indian Air Force entered Pakistan's home and carried out the Balakot air strike on 26 February 2019. This big and unexpected action of the Indian Army had taken Pakistan's sleep away. Even today, after five years, Pakistan is afraid of directly confronting India but does not stop playing its old tricks. India took revenge for the Balakot air strike not by entering PoK but by entering the Pakistani border. The Balakot air strike was the answer to the Pulwama attack. The Indian fighter plane also dodged the radar system of the Pakistani Air Force and bombed the terrorist camps in Balakot. Through this air strike, the Indian government had given a stern warning to Pakistan. India had given the message that if you tease us, we will enter your home and kill you.

'This is a new India, it is free from the scars of terrorism'
Just a few months ago, before the elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said that this is a new India and it does not have the scars of terrorism. In the last two terms of the Modi government, whenever Pakistan talked about talks, the government made it clear that terrorism and talks cannot go together. In recent years, the army has taken strict action against terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir. Vigilance has been increased on the border and now terrorists are not able to enter the Indian border easily. However, Pakistan's nefarious attempts continue and many times they also succeed in infiltration. This has happened once again.

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