Students should not fall into the trap of private colleges, read AKTU's warning before admission

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AKTU's warning to students regarding private colleges: AKTU has not released any ranking of affiliated institutes. AKTU has also issued an alert on its website regarding this. Parents and students have been advised not to get into any kind of confusion. The admission process has started in AKTU. In such a situation, the institutes affiliated to AKTU are trying to increase the number of students taking admission here. During the college admission process itself, many institutes affiliated to AKTU have started claiming that their ranking is very good.

Not only this, it is also claimed that this ranking has been released by AKTU. According to Controller of Examinations Prof. Rajeev Kumar, to increase the number of admissions, the institutes are increasing the ranking at their own level and showing themselves among the top institutes.

The Controller of Examinations says that misleading propaganda is being done by the institutes. Due to which students and parents can get misled. He has clarified that in the current session, no institute affiliated to the university has been given any ranking on the basis of results. Students and parents have been warned not to fall into any trap. Not only this, instructions have also been issued to the affiliated institutes not to make any claims on the basis of results.

Complaint action for wrong claim regarding AKTU ranking:

AKTU has also warned that if any complaint is received against any affiliated institute that it misleads students and parents regarding ranking, then an investigation will be conducted against it. If the allegations are found to be true in the investigation, disciplinary action will be taken against the concerned institute. AKTU has also told the students and parents that if any affiliated institute makes any claim regarding ranking, then a complaint can be lodged against it in the university.

Misleading claims of increasing admissions:

Whenever the admission process begins, colleges make misleading claims to attract students and parents so as to increase admission numbers. These claims are often based on false information. Colleges claim to guarantee 100% placement. They also guarantee jobs at high salaries. State-of-the-art facilities are also claimed.

Many colleges also attract students by claiming scholarships and financial aid. Colleges also claim that they have reliable teachers and counselors. So before choosing a college, you should find out about them at your level. You should talk to the students studying there. You should find out about the students who have passed out and gather information about the placement status.

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