Statement on Hindus..Did Rahul Gandhi score a self goal, understand all the equations

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi : Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Rahul Gandhi on Monday accused the BJP of spreading violence, hatred and fear in the country. The Congress leader claimed that 'these people are not Hindus because they talk about violence 24 hours a day.' He said this while participating in the discussion on the motion of thanks brought on the President's address. BJP has now become aggressive on this statement of Rahul. Political analysts believe that Rahul has given a big opportunity to BJP by scoring a self goal on this issue.

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Modi, Shah expressed objection

In the House, Rahul Gandhi said that a Hindu can never commit violence, can never spread hatred and fear. Amidst a heated exchange between the ruling party and opposition members in the House, Rahul Gandhi said that those who call themselves Hindus talk about violence 24 hours a day. You (BJP) are not Hindus. When Rahul Gandhi made this allegation on the BJP, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah objected and said that the Congress leader has called the entire Hindu society violent.

A Hindu can never commit violence, spread hatred and fear. These people are not Hindus because they talk about violence 24 hours a day. Narendra Modi is not the entire Hindu society. BJP is not the entire Hindu society. RSS is not the entire Hindu society. This contract is not of BJP.

Rahul Gandhi during the Lok Sabha debate

'It is not right to call the entire Hindu society violent'

On this, the Prime Minister intervened and said that it is not right to call the entire Hindu society violent. Home Minister Amit Shah said that the opposition leader has said that those who call themselves Hindus commit violence. He does not know that crores of people proudly call themselves Hindus, do they all commit violence? He (Rahul) should apologize.

Lord Shiva's picture seen in the house

The opposition leader showed the picture of Lord Shiva in the House. Rahul said that Lord Shankar inspires truth, courage and non-violence. He said, Lord Shiva says do not be afraid, do not scare others. Referring to the 'Abhaya Mudra' of Lord Shiva, he said that this mudra is mentioned in all religions including Islam, Sikhism, Christianity, Buddhism and Jainism.

BJP president targeted Rahul

Union Minister and BJP President JP Nadda tweeted his opinion on Rahul Gandhi's statement in Parliament. Nadda wrote in the tweet, “Day one, worst performance! Lies + Hindu hatred = Rahul Gandhi in Parliament.” Nadda further wrote that the opposition leader, who has failed for the third time, has a habit of giving agitated, flawed arguments. Nadda said that his speech today has shown that neither does he understand the mandate of 2024 (his third consecutive defeat) nor does he have any humility.

Rahul Gandhi should apologize

Nadda said that Rahul Gandhi should immediately apologise to all Hindus for calling them violent. This is the same person who was telling foreign diplomats that Hindus are terrorists. This inherent hatred towards Hindus must stop. The opposition leader has lied on many matters related to our hardworking farmers and brave armed forces.

Will this become an issue of honour for Hindus?

BJP is aggressive over the way Rahul Gandhi has commented on Hindus in the Lok Sabha. After the objection of PM Modi and Amit Shah, BJP National President JP Nadda has also reacted. Political analysts believe that BJP can hit back at Congress by linking this issue to the insult of Hindus. Not only this, people should not be surprised if BJP takes to the streets on this issue. Apart from this, the party will also be seen cornering Congress on this issue in the House.

Hindu, RSS, Agniveer… Those three things said by Rahul for which PM, Home Minister and Rajnath had to get up to answer

NDA also attacked Rahul

Many NDA leaders have retaliated on Rahul Gandhi's statement. BJP spokesperson Shahzad Poonawala, BJP MLA Rameshwar Sharma and LJP (Ram Vilas) president Chirag Paswan have reacted. Shahzad Poonawala said that Rahul Gandhi has become the leader of the opposition but respecting the constitutional post is not part of his character. His DNA is like his grandmother (Indira Gandhi).

Rahul Gandhi's speech: Those who call themselves Hindus, indulge in violence 24 hours a day… Huge uproar in Lok Sabha over Rahul Gandhi's statement

Questions raised on Rahul's blood

BJP MLA Rameshwar Sharma said that Rahul Gandhi has said that he is the grandson of Feroze Khan. If Rahul Gandhi had Hindu blood in his blood, he would never have called Hindus violent. His ancestors have inflicted hundreds of wounds on Hindus. LJP (Ram Vilas) President and MP Chirag Paswan said that the Leader of Opposition should present his statement with facts. Just like he was spreading confusion on every issue during the elections, he is doing the same in the House today. Rahul Gandhi is making false statements, making personal comments.

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