'Srikanth' director Tushar Hiranandani said- Two deaths in the house during editing broke me

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Tushar Hiranandani, who has written many films of different genres like 'Masti', 'Half Girl Friend', 'Ek Villain', entered the field of direction with the popular film 'Saand Ki Aankh'. Tushar, who was once a clapper boy, gives full credit for this journey to his producer wife Nidhi Parmar Hiranandani. His recent film 'Shrikant' not only received praise from critics but also got a good response at the box office. A special conversation on his journey.

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The pain of losing the mother deepened
Making a biopic like 'Srikanth' was quite challenging for Tushar Hiranandani. He says, 'There were challenges on every front, but during the time I was editing, I lost my mother and my wife Nidhi (producer of the film) lost her father. I was shattered at that time. The grief of losing my mother deepened. My editing was not going well. I showed 600 versions of the film to my wife and Bhushan Kumar (producer). My wife also went mad, but then my friend Sanjay Sankla came into my life. He clearly told me that you have given a lot to the film and you have finished, so give the film to me for 6-7 days. He edited the film and when he showed it to me, I breathed a sigh of relief, because I wanted such an editing of the film, but was not able to do it. Anyway, we remained honest to the film and the story. We did not show Shrikant as a bad person.' Anyway, I have a connection with the biopic. After Saand Ki Aankh and Shrikant, we are coming up with a biopic. There is a female-centric film based on force and a web series, that too will be a biopic. Apart from this, we are also doing a Marathi film called Rider.

Had to sell the house, there was no place to sleep

Tushar Hiranandani is the son of well-known film distributor Ashok Hiranandani. Talking about his background he says, 'I have seen many ups and downs in the family because of my filmy background. My father was a successful distributor. He distributed superhit films like Nikaah, but when he became a producer, he suffered huge losses. People treated him very badly. I remember when my father suffered losses in production, we had to leave our 6 BHK house in the city and all the comforts and move to a one bedroom house. Our whole house was filled with stuff and we didn't even have space to sleep.'

I have no regrets about writing 'Masti'

Tushar, who has written many films like 'Masti', 'Pyare Mohan', 'Double Dhamaal', 'Grand Masti', 'Half Girl Friend', says, 'People often ask me if I made a mistake by having fun. I tell them that you are watching the whole film, but not watching its end. At the end of the film, when the song 'Dil De Diya Hai' comes, the heroes realize. That's why we showed the truth of men in the film, how you have to suffer the consequences of having fun. We showed the truth of a married man. After watching the film, a filmmaker like Sooraj ji (Sooraj Barjatya) praised us and told us that he wants us to write a film, so I want to say that I have no regrets about writing Masti.'

I was never ashamed of being a clapper boy

Tushar used to be a clapper boy in the Indra Kumar directed film Mann. Talking about the beginning of his journey, he says, 'At that time I was not even allowed to go inside the set. I could not even talk to Indu ji (director Indra Kumar). One day the shooting clapper boy fell ill, now no one on the set was ready to clap, because everyone considered it a small job. But I considered myself lucky by clapping, because I was able to get close to the artists inside the set. I never felt ashamed of clapping. How can I forget that when I used to clap, I was called 'Aye Tushar' on the set and when I became a writer on the same set, I started being called Tushar ji.'

Sharad Kelkar made a film in just one rupee

Director Tushar Hiranandani's producer wife Nidhi Parmar Hiranandani has been an important part of his film journey. Even at the time when Tushar and his 'Saand Ki Aankh' was released. About the budget of Shrikant and the award money of the actors, he revealed, 'We wanted Sharad Kelkar for the role of Ravi in ​​Shrikant, but we could not afford him in terms of budget, so Bhushan ji talked to him. Sharad asked to read the script, he liked the script very much, but we told Sharad that we can afford only ten percent of your fees, then he said that he would not like to spoil his market value, but he wanted to do this film, so he did this film for just one rupee. Talking about her stint as a producer in Saand Ki Aankh, Nidhi says, “As a female producer, I have had to face the tag of 'trophy wife' (who is dependent on her husband), but making a woman-centric film is no less challenging. We initially wanted to make 'Saand Ki Aankh' with Shabana Azmi and Kiran Kher, but we did not get funding in their name. When we agreed to make it with a heroine, luckily we got Bhumi Pednekar and Taapsee Pannu. Though we were trolled a lot on their casting, no one knew about our journey.”

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