Spotboy fainted after seeing Pooja Bedi posing like Marilyn Monroe, Farah narrated the story

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Farah Khan, one of the most famous choreographers of the film industry, needs no introduction in Bollywood. Today she has become a brand in herself. Farah Khan first choreographed the song 'Pehla Nasha' from 'Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar'. She told that this song was earlier to be choreographed by the late choreographer Saroj Khan. She also told that during the shooting of this song, Pooja Bedi gave a pose like Marilyn Monroe, seeing which a spot boy fainted.

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In a conversation with 'Radio Nasha', Farah shared an anecdote related to the shooting of this film. She said, 'Saroj ji was doing that song, everyone knows this. Then something happened and she had to go back to Bombay to shoot with Sridevi or Madhuri and we were in Ooty. She left and did not return.' Farah told that she was choreographing some shows till then and then director Mansoor Khan called her and asked her to take over the work of that song because he was losing money due to not shooting.

Her skirt had to be inflated from the bottom with the help of a fan

Farah Khan told that she had asked for a day's time from her. She added slow motion to this song and prepared it like a dream. Along with this, Farah decided to show Pooja Bedi in the avatar of Marilyn Monroe. In this scene, she had to stand on top of a car and a staff member had to fan her skirt from below with the help of a fan.

Seeing all this the spot boy fainted

Narrating this incident, Farah laughed and said, 'It was my idea to shoot Pooja Bedi in Marilyn Monroe style. I told Pooja to lower her skirt when the fan stops. In the first shot, a spot boy was holding the fan and when the fan started, Pooja did not lower her skirt and the spot boy fainted after seeing all this. Then I saw for the first time how a thong (the back part of swimwear or underwear which is very thin and is attached to the waist belt) looks. But Pooja was bindaas and she did not care about it.'

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