Spare parts of military equipment purchased from Russia will be made in India, issue raised in Modi-Putin meeting

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi : The Russia-Ukraine war has also affected the Indian Army. There is a delay in getting spare parts of military equipment purchased from Russia and now Prime Minister Narendra Modi has spoken to Russian President Putin on this issue. In the talks between the two leaders in Moscow, PM Modi raised the issue of delay in delivery of spare parts. Both the countries have decided that the delivery of spare parts of the Russian origin military equipment that India has will be expedited. There is also an agreement on joint production of spare parts in India. Russia is the largest supplier to meet India's defense needs. India's Army, Navy, Air Force, all three have a large number of Russian equipment and platforms. The Army has also purchased main battle tanks T-72, T-90 from Russia.

The Air Force has Mi-17, Mi-17iv, Mi-15v5, Mi-35, Mi-26 helicopters from Russia. The Mi-26 helicopter needs to be overhauled and is unable to fly due to lack of spare parts. The Mi-26 helicopters with the Air Force have not been in use for a few years. The Air Force had purchased four Mi-26 helicopters from Russia.
Currently the Air Force has two Mi-26 helicopters which are waiting for overhaul. The Mi-26 helicopter is the world's largest helicopter. Its maximum takeoff weight is 56 thousand kilos, that is, it can fly carrying a weight of 56 thousand kilos. It can seat 90 people.

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